Jan 4, 2011

L'Oreal Color Infaillible / Indefectible

the Color Infaillible/Indefectible eyeshadows are new to L'Oreal's range. they are loose powder eyeshadows, but lightly pressed with a little plastic lid that is included in the container (so you can press the powder yourself again). these are highly pigmented colours which claim to last up to 24 hours on your lids.

there are 8 different colours:
  • 1 Time Resist White -a shimmery white, 
  • 2 Hourglass Beige - a gold beige, 
  • 4 Forever Pink - a light pink, 
  • 5 Purple Obsession - a deep purple,
  • 6 All Night Blue - a dark blue,
  • 7 Unlimited Sky - a denim,
  • 12 Endless Chocolate - a warm brown and 
  • 14 Eternal Black - a glittery black/charcoal 
i bought 2 of the shades, Purple Obsession and Forever Pink. these shadows are very finely milled and very, VERY intense. they feel so smooth you could think they are cream eyeshadows. they have a very shimmery, metallic finish.
they contain 3.5g each and cost about 10€.
they catched my eyes because lately Lancôme also released the Ombres Magnétiques eyeshadows that work the same way (but less colours): loose powders pressed down by a plastic insert, highly pigmented, very smooth (almost creamy) with a metallic finish and very longlasting. the black shade is an exact dupe of Lancôme's version.
and because Lancôme belongs to the L'oreal-family, i  even think these are the same, but at 25€ price point.

#4 Forever Pink is a light peach-pink with golden shimmer and sheen. it's sheer in comparison to the other shades, dark enough to be used alone on the lid but would also look great with a chocolate brown in the crease. but with a pink colour, you should use a dark eyeliner or at least a good amount of mascara to frame your eyes or it could give you a fatigue- or sore-eye-look.

artificial light

#5 Purple Obsession is a dark intense purple with blue sheen. it is soo pigmented! it would be great for a purple smokey eye but is even dark enough to be used as a eyeliner.
artificial light
i strongly recommend you take a look at these eyeshadows, especially if you like intense colours with metallic finish. if you can get them at 25%-off (regularly at Rossmann), they are a real bargain for what you get.


  1. auf die habe ich auch schon ein auge geworfen XD tolle qualität bei dem preis!

  2. I just found these a few days ago and can't wait to go back and get them I was in a hurry and the line was to long so I had to wait


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