Jan 18, 2011

MAC lipglasses - lip swatches.

these are my MAC Lipglasses (each 4.8g - 16.50€/12.50£/14.50$) - i don't have many of them, but it's still too much for me. i don't know why i bought so many similar colours? i could live without 5 of 8 now.
last year i tried Underage and fell in love with the milky glasses, and also into a rush to buy all of this sort, even though they all look similar once applied.
i don't like the texture of MAC lipglasses either. it's ok that they are thick and sticky (so they last quite long on your lips) - but after about 2 hours, i get this disgusting white line of thick and goopy gloss clinging to where my lips meet when speaking.
i HATE it! it even appears if i use only the smallest amount. you don't really feel it, until you see it in your mirror-self and want to die of shame. this doesn't happen with other brands, so why do you have to make it so BAAAD, MAC?
i can't understand why i kept buying MAC glosses (at least i stopped since about 1 year now) - maybe i have to part with them and sell them or Back2Mac them or whatever.
i totally can't recommend them. please buy other brands but MAC, they are neither unique nor worth your money quality-wise.
Lipglasses come with your average doe foot applicator.

but still, for archive and for those of you who are curious: lip swatches!

naked lips to compare ;)




2N (Warm&Cozy collection 2009)

Ember Glow (Spring Colour Forecast LE 2010)


Cha Cha (Spring Colour Forecast LE 2010)


my favourites are: Nymphette (the only one i totally love and can recommend), 2N (good nude, but limited edition) and Ember Glow (beautiful spring/summer peach, but also limited edition).

do you like MAC Lipglasses? how do you avoid this goopy gloss-line? (please don't suggest no speaking at all ;) )


  1. Florabundance und Nymphette sehen sehr schön aus!


  2. C-Thru was my first, then I also got underage and never wear it... I love Prrr though. And Cult of Cherry, an intense red with beautiful red pearl

    I agree on the white line...

  3. Nymphette steht auch auf meiner Wunschliste ganz weit oben. Wirklich eine schöne Farbe!
    Liebe Grüße,

  4. oh ja, bitte unbedingt nymphette ausprobieren, der ist wirklich wunderschön.


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