Jan 8, 2011

Ikea haul a.k.a. Project Perfect Set-Up Round 1

i am an Ikea-girl.
the simple design and endless combination possibilities combined with a mini-price are unbeatable arguments for me at this point and for a student's home.

so if anyone shouts: all Ikea out of here! my home would be almost completely empty.  ;)

on the hunt for my perfect vanity and storage solution, i was still missing a matching chair (i used one of my chairs from the dining table before).
and of course i could find a bargain at Ikea, the Solvar chair was marked down from 49€ to 29€.
i wanted to get it for the longest time, because it went so good with my bed, and that was just a hint from above!

my vanity and storage
i store the most of my make up collection in those wooden Fira mini-dressers. i'm mad at Ikea 'cause they've discontinued them. i loved the Fira's because they look so much better than those common (and ugly) plastic drawer containers but are just as cheap. in the upper containers on the vanity (which originally is a office table) i store my make up: foundations, powders, eyeshadows, etc.  in the lower containers i store skin care products, nail polishes, drugstore items i don't use very often etc. the everyday-stuff like contact lenses, daily skin care, everyday-make-up is stored in the drawers of the vanity.

Solvar chair i got

my bed -Vinstra (it's discontinued now :/ )

i also got some cute bowls - i like their organic shape. and my BeautyBlender has a new bed

Norröra bowls

i still need more storage space, i haven't found good substitutes for the Fira containers, but that is for Round 2 of Project Perfect Set Up :)


  1. I love your set-up! As I am an IKEA-girl myself, I would love to have a real vanity. I have all my stuff in my bathroom which is crap because there is no natural lighting and the artifical lighting is not ideal. However, I don't have room for a vanity... Sadface. :-(

  2. pretty stuff and organisation! :D I actually store my make up and brushes in Muji acrylic boxes, which in themselves are gorgeous. But I lack a nice table since I hijacked my bfs former work table...

  3. thank you all! i also can't benefit from natural lighting, so i use a neon lamp which is attached to a rack above my vanity. this also gives a rather cool light, which needs getting used to, but it's still better than yellow artificial lighting. but most of the times it's still dark when i do my make up, so i can live with artificial lighting.

    i heard of the muji-boxes too, but i think they are too small for my collection, or i would need like 10 of these. what i really want is "the clear cube", but both alternatives are muuuch too expensive for my wallet at his point of time.

  4. Ich liebe Ikea total! Leider habe ich momentan keinen Platz für einen Schminktisch... Deiner gefällt mir sehr, auch Dein neuer Stuhl und das Bett mag ich!

    Liebe Grüße


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