Jan 5, 2011

foundation overview #2: Rimmel Recover Foundation review

today i want to review Rimmel's Recover foundation. first i want to say: i don't like it. it's not good.
it contains vitamins C&E and is a "Illuminating anti-fatigue foundation".
on the back it claims: "EnergyBoost complex replumps skin and replenishes complexion. brightening formula for a radiant and smooth finish. all day coverage."
you can get it in drugstores for about 5-7€ for 30ml. i have it in the lightest shade, 100 ivory (i'm between nc20-25 at MAC).
it comes in a plastic squeeze bottle which allows you getting the right amount of product hygienically. it has a watery texture and lots of visible shimmers to it, which i think should illuminate your complexion and take away any signs of fatigue on your face.

you can see it's really heavily shimmering.
sadly this is not an illuminating flattering shimmer, but more of a pearl that settles in every line of your skin and in every pore and enhances it. it makes my skin look old, wrinkly and dry (like shrinking).
it's not illuminating and doesn't look greasy - and this is the strange part for me how such a shimmery foundation can make your complexion look even more dull and dried out than it already does (which is the reason why one would have chosen this foundation)?

coveragewise this is a total fail for me, it's coverage is nonexistent to light (if you use a ridiculously high amount of product).
it also doesn't last very long on my oily skin. after few hours i start to illuminate myself with my sebum - and only about 5 hours later nothing of it was on my cosmetic wipe as i took off my make up.

so i tried to mix it into other foundations, longlasting ones, to give them a lighter, maybe more natural finish.
fail again.
funnily enough few drops of this could even get my Astor 24h Perfect Stay foundation to a poor coverage, short lasting-time and grainy mask-like finish. it was because of the Rimmel Recover, why i had put away the Astor Perfect Stay foundation. just after some months i gave it a try again - this time without Rimmel - and was really impressed by its finish and staying power!

so all in all this is a fail for me. there are many other good foundations on the market, which brightens your skin with pearl-shimmers, but this is the wrong formula. maybe people with normal skin and an almost perfect complexion would like this, but i am not one of these lucky ones and can't find a use for the Rimmel Recover foundation.


  1. I think you should be able to use this as a cheek highlighter/glow shimmer kind of thing as opposed to an actual foundation :)

  2. sadly it's not even usable as that. it's much too liquidy/watery and would mess with your foundation underneath :(

  3. I liked this light foundation, but now it isn´t available in Slovakia :-(


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