Jan 17, 2011

show me your eyeshadows and i'll tell you who you are - MAC palettes ;)

i love to see other people's MAC palettes, you can really somewhat tell their personality by looking at the colour families/types they buy, how they arrange them, limited edition/pro-colours, etc.
so welcome, take a look at my soul ;)

1st row: Shale - Smudged Violet - Satin Taupe - Smut - Smoke&Diamonds - Copperplate
2nd row: Shadowy Lady - 100 Strokes - Hypnotizing - Manhattan #101E - Knight Divine - Greensmoke - Sweet&Punchy
3rd row: Satellite Dreams - Parfait Amour - Contrast - Deep Truth - Birds&Berries - Humid - Club

1st row: Patina - MUFE #306 - Go - Mulch - Twinks - Trax - Sable
2nd row: Honesty - Woodwinked - Espresso - Magnetic Fields - Quarry - Lightfall - Vex
3rd row: All That Glitters - Grand Entrance - Naked Lunch - Era - Retrospeck - Shroom - Brulé
(i tried to photograph this palette in the sun as well, but the whole metal insert plus the eyeshadows fell down as i had to hold it up to my window - luckily no one took damage ;) so only shade-photos for you. )

6 Dashing Lassies eyeshadows - Tartan Tale collection holiday 2010:
A Dashing Lassie - Once Upon A Time... - Magical Mist
Bronze - Buckwheat - Showstopper

6 Beauties Play It Cool eyeshadows - Tartan Tale collection holiday 2010:
Silverwear - Hold My Gaze - To The Ball
Altered State - Magic Moor - Heather Belles

you can see my obsession for neutrals, cool shades and smokeys, can't you? so what does it say about me as a person? ;)
swatches to come soon.


  1. Very interesting theory ;D you probably dont like too much attention in real life given you don't have many garish colors. You like a sophisticated, mysterious look (smokey) and are not too risk averse (since all eyeshadows in one palette could break if you dropped the palette). I on the other hand have many garish colors, just started to like neutrals a couple of months ago. Probably means I'm more mature now, but I actually dont give a damn if random people hate my garish blue eyeshadow LOL and I would never depot my single MAC shadows, the fear of breaking them all if they were in one palette (means I'm kinda clumsy as well). Haha, enough psycho talk :D

  2. wow, thanks for your analysis! much of it really fits ;) but i didn't depot all my shadows because i like the risk, but because i'm stingy and greedy. in the first place, i wanted some lipsticks, so i depotted all my eyeshadows to get them for free ;D - i got 5 lippies for 30 pots! then i was too stingy to buy another palette to fit more shadows so i took the separator out - now each palette can fit up to 25 pans :P . third, the pans are cheaper than the pots. hehe


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