Oct 25, 2011

TAG: i ♥ eyeshadow palettes!

i'm a total sucker for eyeshadow palettes, harmonious combinations with smokey and bold colours are my soft spot.
i want to start this as a tag since i love the pictures of palettes standing together and can't wait to see yours!

only a few questions:
1. how must a palette be like to convince you?

i think i must like at least 75% of the colours contained in it, i prefer smokey, dark neutrals and love it when the palette contains a pop of bold colour. i like intresting mixes of different finishes and complex shades with a special shimmer effect. i have even bought the whole palette for one shade that i really loved, but only a few weak times. a palette must somewhat be a good deal, too - that's why i'm mad at Giorgio Armani and Chanel (europe). it shouldn't contain too many shades, 6 are my upper limit.
plus, a palette must contain a certain contrast between the colours, i want ones that are versatile and which can be a base for totally different looks.
i don't like palettes that mix different product types (face/eyes/lips), i don't want the pigments to mix (especially when creamy products are contained) and i don't like the nasty look of a used cream product pan.

2. is the packaging important?

yes, very important. other than a high quality of the content, for me a palette must look and feel luxurious - i can't stand a wonky plastic packaging or even a cardboard packaging like from Urban Decay, Tarte, TheBalm etc. that's partly why i separated from my UD Naked Palette (review, dupes, looks). but tacky golds like YSL's don't suit my taste, too.
a palette is a luxurious item to me, not primarily a functional/convenient.

3. do you use the applicators or brushes that come with it?

i used to, but since i explored the world of brushes not anymore. but i have to admit that they get better and better with time, some brands include excellent tools with their palettes now (like Becca or Laura Mercier).

4. what's your favourite brand for palettes?

for me, it might be Guerlain. they do great luxurious palettes, the colours are mostly smokey, neutral and cool toned and i love the combination of different finishes. but NARS palettes are another passion, too.

5. high end or high street?

high end, --> 2.

6. now show me your palettes!

yes, Sir!

my Artdeco Magnum palette from their Systeme Mosaïque filled with Artdeco eyeshadows (swatches, reviews)

Chanel: Nymphéa (swatches), Lilium (review), Frissons (swatches), Les Ombres Perlées (review & dupes)

a customized palette (the compact is actually an older Artdeco Magnum Palette) with Clé de Peau products: a Cheek Duo #4 (review) and two eyeshadow quads (will be reviewed soon)

Dior quints. i don't really like the uniform frost texture of the 5 Couleurs Iridescents palettes, but the majority i own are these. here you can see: Misty Mauve palette (review), Ready To Glow palette (review), Earth Reflection palette (review), Smoky Crystal palette (review), The Browns palette (review)

Dior Couture Golds palette (review)

Dior Impression Cuir palette (review)

Guerlain palettes: i own 3 of each the Ecrin 4 Couleurs and the Ecrin 6 Couleurs palettes - Les Fumes (review), Les Perles (review will come soon), Les Gris (review) and #29 Rue de Sèvres (review), #68 Champs Élysées (review), #2 Place Vendôme (review)

Guerlain #93, Rue de Passy palette (review)

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duos: Suede (review), Exhibition (review), Prism (review) and Dune (review)

my MAC eyeshadows (plus some other in the second 15-pan-palette) swatches here, here and here. well, these are more functionally arranged than esthetically haha the first one contains the most used colours and the other one just the rest.

NARS is my big eyeshadow love: the Artist Palettes are Pleasures of Paris (review), Modern Love (review) and Essential Eye (review).
the duos are: Brousse (review), Kalahari (review), Tzarine (swatches), Earth Angel (review), Nouveau Monde (review), Rajasthan (swatches), Exotic Dance (review), Melusine (swatches), Dogon (review), Bateau Îvre (first look, review will follow soon).

miscellaneous palettes: Giorgio Armani Mediterranean Palette (review),  Estée Lauder Blue Dahlia Palette (review), Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics Palette #3 (review)

i'd like to tag some fellow bloggers, i'd be very happy if you take part and send me the link to your posts - of course also if you're not personally tagged!


  1. The Artdeco palette is gorgeous! I don't usually consider duos to be a palette, though. I love gigantic palettes with more than six colors! And I love all brights ala NYX trios or Sugarpill. What a great idea for a tag <3

  2. hi keto, danke für den tag. Da ich aber kaum Lidschatten trage, habe ich nur 1-2 Paletten :-(


  3. sind das viele tolle paletten! *-*

  4. Oh my! you have an large eyeshadow palette collection! amazing! thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for tagging. I think I will take part - first I have to see what I have and if I dare to show :-P

  6. Wow, quite a collection!

    I love eyeshadow palettes. I have lots of them, but mostly cheaper drugstore brands.

  7. oh wow, alles einmal zu mir bitte!! *.*
    Danke fürs Taggen, liebe Keto. Ich denke eine von uns dreien wird bestimmt mitmachen, ich bin ja auch eher nicht so der Lidschattenmensch ^^

    lg, Suki

  8. Great tag! You have an AMAZING collection of eyeshadows.

  9. I usually tend to think of 4+ shadows as a palette and I do prefer more colors. You have a very impression collection!

  10. Your photos are so gorgeous, mine usually don't do my palettes justice. I am such a palette addict though, perhaps it's because I'm a huge packaging lover, and eyeshadow palettes often have the brand's most creative packaging (those divine guerlains for example).

  11. You have such a beautiful and large collection of palettes! I only have a few but think I might do this anyway, just to remind myself of how much I love the few palettes I have:)

  12. LOOK at all those palettes! They are all so beautiful.

    Thanks for the tag. It might take me some time to pull mine together and photograph them! I am afraid my collection won't be nearly as impressive as yours, as I tend to buy singles or customizable palettes made up from singles.

  13. I think I could just copy and paste your descriptions for my own tastes. I prefer nice packaging and smokier colors as well. I would also agree that NARS and Guerlain make the best palettes. I don't own any Guerlain, but I'm always fawning over the palettes--- especially Champs Elysees, Rue de Sevres and Les Gris!

    Thank you for the tag. My collection pales in comparison to yours, but I hope I can put together a good post!

  14. What a classy collection of palettes! Wow. I am speechless :D

  15. Lovely collection! The Art Deco palette looks really pretty <3

  16. Deine Narspaletten fixen mich immer so fies an, selbst wenn ich deren Verpackung blöd finde, weil sie mit dem ersten Gebrauch schmuddelig wird. Aber die Farbzusammenstellung ist so hübsch und von Textur versteht Herr Nars auch etwas...

  17. Schööööner Tag! Und das sag ich als Tag-Hasser ;) Ich mach vllt auch mit, ich bin totaler Lidschattenpalettenjunky :)

  18. I really enjoyed this post! I posted a sneak peak at all my palettes for a post I have to come. I have the pictures all ready so I'm tempted to write it up as a tag post. I loved looking at your NARS and Guerlain collection. Beautiful! I know what you mean about your 75% rule too. The rules of palette engagement!

  19. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! That is some EYE CANDY! I would love to participate. Thanks for the tag! Hopefully I can get some good lighting soon. I've been struggling with it lately. What do you use. I always use natural light but now with the days getting shorter it's becoming impossible :(

  20. Hi Trang, love this tag! I'm happy to join you guys. Here is the link.




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