Oct 3, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Hang Loose.

next part of my MAC Blushes revisited series (overview page here) is the Mineralize Blush in Hang Loose. unlike the other blushes i've shown you until now, this one was limited edition and released last summer with the In The Groove collection.
it comes in the regular simple compact but contains only 3.2g of product compared to the permanent baked blushes with 3.5g. the Mineralize Blushes contain 3.5g and cost 23€ (in germany) /22$/19£.

Hang Loose it a duo blush with two colour sides. it contains a cool toned cotton candy pink with satin finish and a sheer pale shimmery lavender. each side is large enough so that you can pick it up individually to use the pink colour as a blusher and the lavender as a highlighter, or you could swirl both sides together and get a pale blueish pink with white shimmer.
the pink side has a nice pigmentation and i like that it's rather matte. however, this blusher is too light for me overall and can appear a bit chalky. the cool lavender isn't too flattering with my complexion (makes me look SO out of fashion!). plus, i think it looks very similar to some of my other MAC Blushes like Pink Swoon or Well Dressed. that's why it's not in my personal collection anymore but in my blog sale (link).

Hang Loose: heavy swatches of pink side - purple side - mixed - blended swatches of pink side - purple side - mixed
Hang Loose: heavy swatches of pink side - purple side - mixed - blended swatches of pink side - purple side - mixed

please excuse the clashing blush+eyeshadow look, it was a "play around" to try different products ;)

no blush at all - with pink side of Hang Loose added

purple side of Hang Loose added as highlight - both sides mixed and applied as blusher.


MAC Well Dressed - MAC Hang Loose - MAC Pink Swoon - MAC Pinch O'Peach
MAC Well Dressed - MAC Hang Loose (pink side) - MAC Pink Swoon - MAC Pinch O'Peach

the pink side of Hang Loose is more pigmented and a bit richer than Well Dressed, it's not as cool toned as Pink Swoon but also isn't as finely textured like Pink Swoon. Pinch O'Peach appears quite dark next to the other 3.


  1. An dir sieht er wesentlich besser aus, als an mir. Ich hab mein Exemplar verkauft, weil er mir einfach nicht gestanden hat. Er hat mich viel zu blass wirken lassen, aber wie würde meine Freundin sagen, er is einfach zu kühl für mich

  2. Sehr hübsch, steht dir super! :)

  3. I loved this blusher. I thought there would be no way I could wear it but the MAC MA put it on me and I was sold :) But you're right, the candy-pink isn't very au courant at the moment.

  4. Great review! I just recently found your blog and love your posts!

  5. I'm surprised by how wearable this is!

  6. I love pink blushes and this one is totally lovely! pale and cool tone but works very well on you! great re-visit series, continuous supporting you!



  7. This blush is one of my personal favourites, it probably gets the most love from me out of all my MAC blushes! ^___^ I love using the highlighter separately or all swirled together, depends on my mood.


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