Oct 18, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Pink Swoon.

we're almost through with the MAC Blushes revisited series (overview post here), and today it's about Pink Swoon.
Pink Swoon is a Sheertone finish blush from the permanent range, and one of the most popular (i believe it was one of my first blushes by MAC, too).
MAC blushes contain 6g and cost 22€ (in germany)/17£/19.50$, they are also available as refill pan for 18€ (in germany)/14£/16.50$.

the Sheertone finish is my favourite, it's shimmer-free and gives a very fine and natural soft sheen. the texture is the best amongst MAC's other finishes, it's very fine and silky with a good product pay-off but sheer result. it applies and blends really evenly and is gently buildable.
no wonder that Pink Swoon is so popular since it's a medium, cool-toned candy pink, a universally flattering colour that is also versatile due to the silky matte finish. it's a fantastic product to layer and combine with other blushes and goes well with shimmery highlighters. in the summer i love it as a pop of lively pink flush combined with bronzer.
this is a very basic blush with reliable quality that everyone should have something similar in their stash.

MAC Pink Swoon in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out
MAC Pink Swoon in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blusher - with MAC Pink Swoon


Cargo Catalina - MAC Pinch O'Peach - MAC Pink Swoon
Cargo Catalina - MAC Pinch O'Peach - MAC Pink Swoon


  1. it really does look like a basic pink everyone should have! i'm closing following this revisit series!



  2. Which do you prefer: Cargo Catalina or MAC Pink Swoon? (You are making me a lover of blush, and a lover of Cargo. I never was interested in blush until I found your blog, and now I own Cargo Tonga!)

  3. So pretty! :) I love Pink Swoon on you!

  4. I prefer the look (form the swatches) of Cargo Catalina. But in general I tend to stay away from true pinks as they can look a super-fake on me.

  5. Eden-Avalon, what kind of complexion do you have?

  6. It's also my first MAC blush. When I was younger I loved candy pink blushes...i guess everyone started with pink.
    Haaahaa. Now it has hit pan, and I still use it occasionally. It's just so soft and silky, and the colour reminds me of a little shy girl.

    Everyone should have something similar - cool-toned pink, satin soft blush to complete the look.

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

    1. i totally agree - the epitome pink when you think of "blush" :)


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