Oct 30, 2011

MakeUpShow Brushes 2.

ahh i'm so pissed at the Blogger-App! i have written a full review on this post in preparation and wanted to upload it on the road but the crap of an app has deleted all the text part!!!

ok, new try.

i have once shown you my brushes by MakeUpShow (here), a well known brush manufacturer in asia/china. the brushes have a nice quality and are reasonably priced. you can purchase them on mus.7bella.com, and when they had a 20%-off-sale few months ago, i ordered some more brushes to try.

F01 Big Fan Brush

- full length: 190㎜
- hair length: 55㎜
- width of the ferrule foot: 25㎜
i have always been wanting a large fan brush like this, initially i was eyeing the Louise Young Super Fan Brush but then i spotted a promising affordable alternative.
this brush is from the basic range of the brand, the Black Series and costs 21.90 S$/~12€ (before discount).
it's made with soft goat hair. the brush head is huge but not as thick as i anticipated. when it arrived, there were some little rust spots along the ferrule which made the brush look really crappy but they washed away easily.
the brush fluffs out after washing but it doesn't shed. i have to admit though, that i have bought it out of curiosity more than with a clear idea in mind what to use it for. it's surely nice to dust on a loose veil of finishing powder or all over bronzer, but since it's so big and fluffy it's not suited for directional handling like flicking off eyeshadow fall out or excess powder or targeted blush/bronzer application. and because i already have other favourites for these functions, this brush just stands around unused with the only job of looking interesting.

pre - wash 

post - wash

H06 Medium Shader Brush

costs 17.90S$/~10€
- full length: 122㎜
- hair length: 9㎜
- width of the ferrule foot: 8.6㎜
this is an eyeshadow brush from the High Series with short wooden handles (walnut). it's a classic shape, flat, thin and rounded at the tip. this brush is made with smooth sable hair, it's densely packed, quite firm and has a high resilience.  this makes it especially great to apply loose or cream eyeshadows (like the Illusion d'Ombre by Chanel) because it doesn't absorb a lot of product but releases everything that it grabs to apply an intense pigment. the fine tip is good for precise work like the lower lashline and the size is suitable for smaller eyelids like mine.
overall it reminds me of the MAC 242, but this one is more rounded and stiffer, the brush hair has less texture. i prefer the MAC one for its higher versatility, though. you can see a size and shape-comparison with the 242 below.
it washes very well and keeps the shape.

H07 Small Shader Brush

costs 15.90S$/~9€
- full length: 122㎜
- hair length: 6㎜
- width of the ferrule foot: 7.2㎜
this is actually a smaller version of the brush i've talked about above. it's a bit thicker than the Medium Shader and combined with the length-to-width-ratio this brush is even stiffer and firmer. other than for precise eyeshadow application, for example on the tearduct area, outer corner or lower lashline, i also like to use it's softly pointed tip to apply a dark eyeshadow as a thick liner (NARS Mekong!) or to apply brow powder. i really like the soft and slightly messy look the rounded and rather thick brush gives my brows, i like to use it on natural looks or in combination with really bold statement smokey eyes.

MAC 242 (it's dirty from hard work! ;P) - MakeUpShow H06 - MakeUpShow H07
MAC 242 - MakeUpShow H06 - MakeUpShow H07


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