Oct 16, 2011

current obsession: Estée Lauder BB Cream!

i've heard some good things about the recently released BB Cream by Estée Lauder - the Cyber White Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Creme Multi Action Formula - and bought some 5ml-samples of it on ebay to try.
it has an spf of 35 and a beautiful fresh scent that lingers around for a few minutes until it fades. the texture is creamy and fine, it only comes in one shade which is a relatively light beige with pink undertones. i'd say it would match and NC/NW 15-20, which is great for everybody who can't use the Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release or the Origins VitaZing (review) because they are too dark for them.
i apply it with my fingers, it blends out really easily and non-streaky. it gives just a very sheer coverage (comparable to MAC Face and Body Foundation or Make Up For Ever Face&Body Foundation) but brightens and evens out the complexion. it's perfect for people who already have a good skin but struggle with slight uneven pigmentation or redness, since this product won't cover up blemishes and dark marks. with a mineral powder or compact foundation dusted over it, the coverage is comparable to a normal foundation.
it has a satiny and very radiant finish without too much sheen or any shimmer/pearl. it makes my skin look soft and fresh and really beautiful, but without looking as if i wear a foundation. it feels very moisturising and lightweight. i only need some under eye concealer and this and i'm good to go, it's such an effortless product.
it also lasts well on me (about 6-7 hours) without becoming greasy, oxidising or loosing coverage although i have quite an oily skin.
i'm loving it so much that i have already bought the full size of it. the full size tube of 30ml costs about 55$ so it's much more expensive than the regular BB Creams you can get off ebay, but it's also far better than the ones i've tried so far so it's worth it for me.
from germany, you can buy it on ebay or sasa.com, for example.

one drop of: Estée Lauder BB Cream - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC20
Estée Lauder BB Cream right after application
Estée Lauder BB Cream 10 minutes after application


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  1. Coverage does seem a little poor, imo. Didn't know Estee Lauder had launched a BB cream.

  2. I have been looking into BB creams as they're relatively new in UK. I do like Estee Lauders products as a rule and thanks for posting this as it helps us see if the products worth it's pennies :)

  3. Great comparison! :D Haven't tried any EL bb cream yet but it's pretty much like any others...

  4. Looks like lovely no-makeup skin on you :)

  5. I've been looking for a BB cream these last days, I'm not that much into make-up but hope you can help me. Actually, I was going to buy the BB cream Garnier, and after seeing this one, can't make up my mind. Was just wondering, which one is the best? And I don't have to use foundation with it, right? Hope to hear from you.

  6. Weißt du, ob die Farbe ungefähr der Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Nr.21 entspricht? Das ist meine Lieblings-BB Cream, aber wenn die Farbe der Estee Lauder BB cream ähnlich ist, dann überlege ich die mal ausprobieren.^^


  7. Looks as if a lot of brands are jumping on the BB cream bandwagon! I'm definitely looking for one that is natural and isn't too thick. It looks really good on you. Do you find that it doesn't have that ghastly white cast that most BB creams have? I think I'll try a sample and see if it suits me as well as it did on you. Thanks for the review!

  8. Das hört sich ja wirklich toll an! Ist sie sehr greasy? Ich mag die Skinfood Aloe Sun ganz gerne, aber die lässt mein Gesicht aussehen wie Kojaks Haupt. ;-)

    Ich bin dann mal bei Ebay...

    LG Jenny

  9. Thanks for this post! Do you have the ingredients list? Also, would you be able to tell which ebay merchant you used? Have a good week! Lisa in Vancouver

  10. @marox79: yeah, that's something i hadn't known either, i just stumbled across it in some asian beauty blogs. the CyberWhite line is only sold in asia :(

    @(tend)erness: i didn't heard too many good things about the Garnier BB, but i haven't tried it to be able to compare. i know that this one is lighter, though.
    i have reviewed a few other BB creams, maybe you want to look over them (just click the tag: BB Cream on the sidebar).
    you don't need a moisturiser with this one if you have normal to oily skin, i have oily skin and find it very moisturising. however i use this right after my moisturising serum. if you have dry skin, you might want to use another moisturiser underneath.
    i don't wear foundation with it, but i like that natural, low coverage look and don't mind some redness and imperfections showing through as long as the overall appearance is even and fresh. so you don't need to wear a foundation additionally, bu remember this has very little coverage. of course you can use a foundation or concealer on top, especially on areas where you need it. it works fine as a base, too, since it has a high spf.
    hope that helped!

    @iris: leider habe ich noch gar keine BB von Missha probiert und kann es nicht vergleichen. wie gesagt bewegt sich die farbe hier im hellen bereih, ca. MAC NC/NW 15-20.

    @eva: luckily this makes me look quite fresh instead of dull! some BBs really have a greyish undertone that looks quite scary if you don't add a good amount of blusher. this one is slightly pink, so it brightens but doesn't look piggy-like.

    @jenny: ich finde sie gar nicht greasy. fasst sich trocken und seidig an im gesicht, wenn sie eingezogen ist. und glänzt auch nicht so wie manche anderen BBs.

    @anonymous (Lisa): i will find one and post it as an edit!
    i bought it from alphabeautyuk.

  11. Thank you so much for your respond dear <3 This helped a lot, I'm totally going to buy one this week and give it a shot!!


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