Oct 7, 2011

FOTD for biometric ID photo ;)


i have always hated the ID photos, but the biometric standards make them even worse! it was the time again, and i tried to do a make up as flattering as possible. one always say that you should do minimal make up and as natural as it gets, but i ended up with much more than i usually do! since i sat there with my DSLR checking a flashlight portrait after every step i have done, i saw how much colour and contrast the camera would absorb, so i kept building up quite a bit...
about the make up question on ID pics - i rarely ever go out without, i have had situations where they kept checking my real self and my ID pic back and forth because that photo was "too natural" :D so why trying to look different than usual?

i just tried to have a matte t-zone to avoid the greasy look and did my brows a bit more intense since they look quite pale on photos, but almost everything else i would wear like this on a daily basis without a doubt. only with less products to achieve ;)
oh, and i did a more intense contour with nose contouring etc. since you have to look straight forward and aren't allowed to laugh so it makes one look quite moon-faced.
on my pics the make up is already 3-4 hours old, so i'm a bit glowy.

for the face:

foundation: mix of Guerlain Parure Gold in #02 Beige Clair (1) with Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation in SP40 (2 - review of this mix here) applied with BeautyBlender (3 - review)

powder: Chanel White Essentiel Smoothing & Brightening Loose Powder (4 - review) applied with Lunasol Powder Brush N (5 - review)

contour: Burberry Earthy Blush (6 - review) applied with Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Brush (7 - review) into the hollows of the cheeks, with Hakuhodo Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush L (8 - review) to contour the nose and to deepen the cheek contour

blush: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10 (9 - review) applied with Hakuhodo G5519BkSL (11) and MAC Gentle (10 - review) on the "apples of the cheeks"

for the eyes:

concealer: Edward Bess Platinum Concealer (1 - review) applied with Hakuhodo 212 (2 - review)).

brows: MAC Copperplate eyeshadow (6) applied with Louise Young LY30 (3) and setted with P2 tinted brow gel.

eye make up: NARS Mekong eyeshadow (11) on the lids and little bit on lower lashline to define, MAC Patina (oh no, missing on this pic!) just above it, sheerly swept over it with NARS Fez (bottom left in Pleasures of Paris palette - 5 - review) to warm up everything.
MAC Smoke & Diamonds (10) on outer part of lower lashline, MAC Go (9) on the inner part of it. everything applied with MAC 242 (12) and blended with Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (14 - review).
MAC Grand Entrance (8) on the tearduct area with Essence Smokey Eye Brush (13).
MAC Brulé (7) on the brow bone area with MAC 227 (15).
P2 Perfect Look! Kajal in 010 Black (16 - review) on upper waterline and MAC Powersurge (17 - review) on lower waterline.
L'Oreal Super Liner (18) along upper lashline to a wing.
Shu Uemura lash curlers (19), Maybelline False Lashes Waterproof (20) as first layer, Shiseido The Perfect Mascara (21 - sample) as top layer.

lips: MAC Patisserie lipstick (22 - lip swatch over here)

eye make up close-up with flash: not as intense anymore since shot few hours after application.


  1. Ich brauche auch einen neuen Reisepaß und ich habe jetzt schon "Bammel" vor den Bildern. Also aus Erfahrung kann ich sagen, lieber ordentlich draufspachteln, denn die Kamera schluckt mindestens die Hälfte, außerdem keine dramatischen AMU's mit all zu viel Lidschatten und keine Schimmerprodukte auf Wangen oder dem Gesicht. Ich versuche frisch auszusehen, mit schön definierten Wimpern, klaren Lippenkonturen und da man ja jetzt auch nicht mehr lächeln darf, werd ich wohl ein Make-up auflegen, dass mich nicht all zu streng wirken lässt.....

  2. I so enjoyed this as I love that you include pictures of all the products and the brushes. I could sit and stare for hours! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope the Biometrics pics turned out ok too?

  3. You look so beautiful! I actually think this would make perfect wedding make-up!

  4. Beautiful!

    I hate those biometric photos. Literally everyone looks dumm or like a serial killer... But I suspect you are the exception :)

  5. Love your blush. I never thought to blend two different blushes together.

  6. That's silly for ID photos to do natural if your regular look is made-up! Is it a requirement (not sure what a biometric photo is). Anyway, you look pretty :)

  7. I also love your blush!! Looks amazing.

  8. The NARS Pleasure of Paris palette looks really pretty! Great FOTD look!

  9. Oh ja, ich habe mich für mein Bild leider nicht "überschminkt" und dazu noch ein Problem mit tränenden Augen gehabt, so dass ich auf dem Pass wie ein alkoholkranker Zombie aussehe :-(

    Vielleicht sollte ich den Ausweis "verlieren", damit ich einen neuen machen lassen kann? ;-)

  10. Looks gorgeous! <3
    So fresh and lovely!

  11. Looks gorgeous, as always. I must remember to use patina in the crease - it works so well!


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