Oct 8, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Melba.

this time it's about MAC Melba blush. Melba is in the permanent range and a Matte finish blusher.
it comes in the regular compact and contains 6g. it costs 22€ (in germany)/17£/19.50$ but is also available as refill form for 18€ (in germany)/14£/16.50$.

Melba is a matte muted peach colour with rosy hues, like a ripe peach. it looks good as a summer blush to warm up your complexion and give a subtle sculpting effect. however i don't like the texture at all. it feels dry and chalky to the touch. for me, a good blusher must feel fine and silky when i swipe my finger over it, a dragging feeling creeps me out.
it blends out well and not blotchy and all, but still, i can't get over the texture. i can't help but associate it with dry clay....
the finish on the skin is definitely ok, though. it's a bit dull, but perfect to add some highlighter without a doubt.
luckily my Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in Aficionado Peach (review) is similar in colour to Melba but has a far more luxurious texture, so i can separate from Melba with no regret ;)

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MAC Melba in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out.


without blusher - with MAC Melba


1 - Givenchy Aficionado Peach (review)
2 - NARS Gina (review)
3 - NARS Gilda (review)
4 - MAC Melba
5 - Cargo Cannes (review)
6 - Guerlain Caresse de l'Aube (review)

in real life, Givenchy Aficionado Peach and MAC Melba are most similar, although Melba contains less orange and more rose.


  1. I seriously want this blush so bad! It's definitely next on my list haha.
    It looks gorgeous on you, too :)

  2. Melba is one of my absolute favourite blushes :) it gives such a nice, soft, natural look to my cheeks :)

  3. You always make great comparisons of different make-up products. I have yet to try Melba. :)

  4. Melba is a pretty blush. Too bad the texture is a little chalky. I like the NARS and Cargo blush you swatched as well.

  5. the color is pretty but some matte blushes from mac are chalky.and this is not good...in the swatches this one look like "pinch me" from mac.great review and comparisons:)


  6. I FINALLY bought Melba...only to have it break the next day. I salvaged it, but it's still chalky somehow! Haha! I'll review it eventually, but I'm so glad to see your comparison swatches!

  7. What brush do you use to apply this? I like the title thing at the top of your page (I don't know what thats called :P) Did you paint it?

    aandbeauty.blogspot.com xx

  8. thank you everybody!

    @A&BEAUTY: i apply a rather powdery and high pigmented blush like this with a soft squirrel hair brush. these days i like the Hakuhodo G5519BkSL but there are many other brushes i like, please check my brush collection post linked on the sidebar to get an overview ;)

  9. I have Melba!!! and I think it's good. I love the colour, it's what i want just to brighten up my look, and if i have breakouts i love a matte colour rather than a shimmery one.

    It's a bit dry yes...i didn't realize it until I come across this post and thought abt it, oh yes! It seems drier than other MAC blushes i own. and sometimes i think it leans a bit brownish.

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    1. the texture started to bother me more and more, and after getting the Peach Aficionado by Givenchy which is almost the exact same colour as Melba (on my cheeks) but with far superior quality, i decided to sell Melba away. i find it looked a bit like a dry powder on my skin and didn't melt into the skin nicely.


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