Oct 21, 2011

FOTD with Sisley, Guerlain & Armani.

just a quick FOTD for an autumnal walk with the shortie and to test some new stuff.

for the face:

foundation: Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Foundation in #01 (1*) applied with the BeautyBlender (2 - review)

(under eye) concealer: Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #2 (3*) and Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer in #03 (4*) applied with ring finger

powder: Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder in #1 (5*) applied with A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Powder Brush (6 - review)

cream blush: Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #3 (7*) applied with Hakuhodo G5552 (8*)

powder blush: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #2 (9 - review) applied with Hakuhodo G5519BkSL (10*)

for the eyes:

primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion (1)

brows: MAC Eyeshadow in Omega (2*) applied with Louise Young LY30 Brow Brush (3)

eye make up: smokey brown (left shade) in Guerlain Les Fumes palette (4 - review) applied with MAC 239 (6) on the whole lid and blended out with Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (7 - review), shimmery light taupe (right shade) of Les Fumes palette with MAC 239 in the inner corners,
MAC Patina (5) on the lower lashline.
eyeliner with Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Roach (8 - review).
Shu Uemura eyelash curler (9), Maybelline waterproof mascara as base layer (10) and Shiseido The Perfect Mascara (11 - sample) as top layer.

lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #54 Boy (12*)

all products with an asterisk * will be reviewed soon!

with flash:


  1. your skin looks great with this new foundation. i like it a lot :) (too bad it's so expensive)

  2. Great tutorial! And reviews! ^_^ You look fantastic!

  3. I heard sisley foundation is only good for oily skin people.... is that true? I have like super dry skin I kinda want to try it....

  4. thank you everybody!

    @katherine: i've just used it few times yet and can't say too much about it at the moment. it seems like you're right, though.

  5. The liner is so pretty and I am loving Les Fumes as well.

  6. Beautiful look, very natural I will try it for sure, thanks for sharing

  7. This a lovely look with so many tempting products! I love the liner. I just looked up the G5519BkSL on the Hakuhodo website as it looks like a great shape, is it really $132? I was shocked as I wasn't expecting it to be as much.

  8. I have a normal to dry skin and I've been using the Sisley foundation for more than 2 years and it's my all time favorite.

    @katherine- ask for a sample before you buy it. It's too expensive to gamble on...

  9. You look so pretty, very natural



  10. @Anonymous I wish I could, but I didn't find a counter in where I live...

  11. Did you use anything for contouring?

  12. @jane/modestybrown: yes, it is.... ;)

    @boobooninja: nope, on that day there wasn't any contouring - i would have shown you if there was :)
    i normally would use the Burberry Earthy Blush to contour, but not on a daily basis.

  13. The blushing fabric looks a little more sheer than I would have expected!


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