Oct 1, 2011

what i loved in september.

this month went by so fast! it's autumn already and i'm totally in the mood for the golden light, the indian summer colours, the cardigans and boots you start to pull out, i love it! my favourite time of the year! my short one loves it to collect acorns and chestnuts, strolling around between the red and golden leaves and coming home to a hot chocolate...

skin care

september has been a good skin month for me like i haven't have in a long long time. of course a part of this is thanks to skin care products, but the most important factor was a consequent change of my diet. i would have a large bowl of fresh vegetable soup or stew every day. nothing has changed my skin so much until now. not giving up smoking (about 7 years ago), not any vitamins or fish oils or any other dietary supplements like biotin, MSM etc.
my skin is now clear, i only have a blemish from time to time, my pores are refined and i'm almost at a point now where i only need a little to no coverage! looking at some before and after photos i'm impressed myself (but they are too embarassing and i can't show them to you at this time :P).
i always knew that no 1000€ cream will ever beat a healthy diet and life style, but i was always too lazy. now that i'm "hooked" i definitely will keep this as a "beauty routine"!

1 - Vichy Purété Thermale Micellar Lotion i've gone through 3-4 bottles of this now and i'm still totally in love with it. i use it as a mild last-step-cleanse instead of any aggressive toner to remove the last residues of make up and dirt and to prep the skin leaving it moist and fresh for the next step, which would normally be the Paula's Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Serum (3)

2 - Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream i have several of these 30ml mini sizes by purchasing their test kits (here). this is a nice medium grain scrub that i only use once a week since i'm using acid peels regularly. it does its job nicely to remove flaky skin and to help the acid peels fading dark marks from healing blemishes quicker.

3 - Paula's Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA i use everyday as a first step after cleansing, day and night. over the last 2 months it has visibly refined and smoothed my skin, helped it breaking out less often and getting rid of blackheads on my cheek area. on my nose and chin i still have impurities, but they are much smaller and less visible than before. my skin feels softer and more even, it's less "thick" than before but feels firmer. after this i still need a moisturiser or a hydrating serum, though, and so for the hot days it's too much for my oily skin.

4 - La Roche Posay Cicaplast Pro-Recovery Skincare is a great soothing balm that i like to apply on the sensitive area around my nose and my mouth after i've done a face scrub or a chemical peel with higher percentage of acids. it helps to calm the redness within one night.

5 - REN Rose Synergy O12 Moisture Defence Serum i am using this oil again after i've gone through the Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Pearls (which i really liked). this is my last step of night care routine and makes my skin soft and glowing overnight. since i've started using oils, i really notice that my skin produces less oils and looks healthier than before. even lighter and moisturising foundations last well on me throughout the day.

6 - Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream very very impressed by this eye cream. i had a week or 10 days in the last month when i tried another eye cream (it was a product by GoodSkin Labs) - this was a fault. my under eye area was dry and looked old and wrinkly and it made my concealer look worse. after i switched back to my Shiseido eye cream, within two days i noticed a difference like day and night - the dryness-wrinkles fade and my under eyes and lids were moisturised again over the whole day. my concealer glided on smoother and didn't crease as much.

7 - RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum i've used up one tube of this last winter and had nice results, my lashes were visibly longer and denser. after i finished the tube i went on and tried some other lash products, mostly drugstore lash care products, but after a few months (i finished the old tube around march/april) i saw a big difference especially in my photos when i wear mascara. i had less lashes, they were overall shorter and very uneven. now i have bought a tube of this again and used it the last 3 weeks. i can see a slight improvement, less fall out and some thin lashes growing on the upper lashline.
last period using it i haven't noticed problems like increased darkness of the lids or changed pigmentation of the iris like it is known from lash serums based on prostaglandin-derivates but i had a thin fuzz of hair which is a bit darker than normal face hair growing on the outer parts of my under eye area. it did darken the appearance of my eyes, making me look slightly tired. i carefully removed it with a brow shaver every now an then.


this was a "good brush month", too ;) i have a few new Hakuhodo lovelies that i tested and enjoyed over the last weeks, and of course there are a few old loves.

1 - BeautyBlender (review) still my favourite to apply (most) liquid foundations. it's just the best of the sponges and creates a flawless finish the most easy and quickest way. of course there are some foundations that will look better when applied with a brush or the fingers, like MAC Face and Body Foundation (review), MUFE Face & Body, Burberry Sheer Foundation (review), Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation (review) and some BB Creams, but most times it's this thingy i grab for.

2 - Le Métier de Beauté Powder Brush (review) has replaced my Artdeco duo fibre brush for the use with Guerlain's Meteorites Pearls (review) and does the job just as perfect, only with the plus that it looks and feels more luxe ;) it has the perfect shape and size to fit into the Meteorites container and to apply evenly on my skin. not the softest, but it's the structure and stiffness of the goat hair that helps it picking up the ideal amount of product.

3 - Lunasol Powder Brush N (review) is my go-to brush for every other powder. it's big, it's fluffy and it's unbelievably soft. legit.

4 - Hakuhodo G5519BkSL Blush Brush since it was launched some months ago i was always curious about how good this brush has to be when it's so pricey - but now i have the answer! at 132$ this is my biggest brush-splurge yet and will be reviewed soon in the next installment of my "brush weekends".

5 - Hakuhodo G5538BkSL (review) is my favourite brush for my Chanel Ombres Tissées in Beiges but also for a sheer veil of blusher on a smaller area.

6 - Hakuhodo G5557 2mm Powder&Liquid Brush round/angled very interesting brush. will be reviewed soon. i use it for foundation, but everything else is secret yet ;)

7 - Hakuhodo G5552 4mm Powder&Liquid Brush round/angled this is just as interesting as it's big brother. i use it for cream blush. look forward to the reviews!

8 - Hakuhodo 212 Highlight Brush round (review) my fave for under eye concealer. seriously forever.

9 - IPSA Brush Squirrel M (review) didn't get too much love yet, but is really great for a soft wash of colour and light blending work. since it is so soft it doesn't press on the eyeshadow, leaving it beautifully glimmering without becoming frosty by pressing on. i like to use this with my Le Métier de Beauté eyeshadows (Spicy, Corinthian) for the layering technique.

10 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (review) what more to say? you know me and my EB eye brush, we are bonded from going through ups and downs but EB still stayed a reliable work horse all the time. there is no shadow that this couldn't blend beautifully. if i can only keep a hand full of my brushes, this would absolutely be one of the few!i can't praise it enough, if there'd be a song about this, i would learn and sing it every time i do my eye make up ;)

11 - MAC 242 MAC does a lot of overpriced, under-qualified brushes, but this one is worth every single cent. it's not too pricey and works so well. doesn't absorb too much product, applies everything intensely, has the perfect size for my lids and the right shape to be a real multi-tasker. i use it for application, pre-blending, lower lashline, inner corner, smudgy liner, almost everything. might need a second one.


1 - Chanel White Essentiel Brightening & Smoothing Loose Powder (review) has become my favourite powder. it's super fine and really does smooth out my skin beautifully giving it an amazing soft glow.

2 - Guerlain Météorites Perles in #1 Teint Rosé (review) i'm glad that i pulled it out last month and fell in love with it back again. it's glowy and mattifying at the same time, and is just so pretty that it's a pleasure to use. i also have the #3 Teint Doré, but i prefer this variation at the moment. have also ordered the #2 Teint Beige and will review/compare for you soon. i apply this powder with the Le Métier de Beauté Powder Brush.

3 - Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation in 01 Beige Albâtre (review) i still enjoy this foundation a lot. it has a nice coverage and a great dewy finish, feels light and fresh on the skin.

4 + 5 - Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation in 02 Beige Clair + Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation in SP40 (review) i have already dug out my favourite foundation mix for the colder seasons, and again this is a "fallen back in love" thing. the finish is just flawless perfection.

6 - Edward Bess Platinum Concealer in Soft Beige (review) has been my most used concealer last month. with the richer eye cream, this concealer lasts better on me than my other favourite, the creamier Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer.

cheek products

thanks to my MAC Blushes revisited series and a bunch of new Cargo blushes i have pretty much used a different blush every day, so for this category there are not so much definite favourites, but those that i liked most on me.

1 - Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude (review) is a creamy coral peach, very blendable and nice for a fresh peach flush.

2 - YSL Crème de Blush in #2 Powdery Rose (review) is a soft pink, the siliconey texture refines the skin nicely.

3 - Cargo Blush in Mendocino (review) one of the berry tones i have already brought out for autumn and am totally enjoying these colours. the rich warm flush looks great with my skintone and dark hairs and eyes.

4 - MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle (review) is also a fantastic autumnal blusher, more cool toned than Mendocino but i like it even better.

5 - Chanel Ombres Tissées in Beiges (review) is another recent cosmetic treasure/splurge. i am surprised how much i like the fine white shimmer when it appeared as almost too much for me in different online swatches.


i'm very happy about having done the NARS Palettes-Looks series as i came to bring these little gems
back to life and had so much fun with them. totally in love again.

1 - NARS Pleasures of Paris Palette (review)

2 - NARS Essential Eye Palette (review)

3 - NARS Modern Love Palette (review)

for the single/duo eyeshadows:

1 - Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #6 (review) this intensive bronze is my favourite of the line. very wearable but still a highlight in every eye make up look. plus, an amazing staying power.

2 - Chantecaille Iridescent Eye Shade in Sel meh, a boring taupey? you might think, but this is THE taupey for me. review coming soon.

3 - L'Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in Electrified (review) i really like the metallic taupe eyeshadow in this duo. am really impressed by these HIPs, they make for fantastic eye make ups.

4 - L'Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in Gilded (review) two gorgeous colours in a duo. although the quality is rather medium, this is a perfect combination for a evening/statement smokey eye. love it for that anyway since the smokey eye is the epitome of autumn/winter make up for me.

5 - Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in #83 Illusoire (review) has become my favourite cream shadow. very shimmery, quite settled but still exciting. i just adore the sparkling, almost glossy effect on my lids.


i rarely wear lip products, but if i did, this month i kept it rather neutral/nude to accompany the smokey eyes. when it's getting colder and more monochrome outside i will surely choose some bolder colours to go with the dark eye make up, but since it's still quite summery outside, i go for the less striking version :) still, i'm really looking forward for a bright berry lip with a bold smokey eye.

1 - MAC Lipglass in 2N (review) totally dislike MAC's Lipglass formula, but the colour is quite nice for my skintone. not a pale-nude but a neutral, chary colour that's not too dull because of the gloss-finish.

2 - Dior Rouge Dior in #298 Beige Indécise (review) almost same colour as 2N gloss, but with a satin finish. only wear this with exremely dark eye make ups otherwise it washes me out.

3 - Manhattan Water Flash Lipgloss a even more greyish colour than the other two, but rather sheer and very high shine finish so it's easy to wear. feels nice and fresh but has a minimal lasting power.


with my nail colours, i also have completely switched to the "autumn" mode - cream finishes, mostly subtle colours and berry tones.

1 - P2 Elegant (new version) a good mannequin-nude. not too pink and not too grey. of my opaque nude polishes this one matches my skin tone the best. nice staying power, too.

2 - Essie Playa Del Platinum is slightly warmer than OPI Skull & Glossbones (review). will review this soon.

3 - Essence Walk Of Fame is a typical grurple. one of my favourite colours for A/W season, i choose such shades by their undertones and my mood and this is just a random place marker for any grurple in my drawer ;)

4 - Essence Plum Perfect (swatch) is THE perfect berry colour for me. it's bold and bright and makes my skin look so even and pale in a noble way. i love it both as mani & pedi, it looks soo good on my skin tone! sadly the quality is crap, it seems to shrink when it dries, causing me to have this white line of pseudo-tip wear right after few hours. but the colour is perfect. do you have any recommendations of OPI polishes with this colour (OPI lasts the best on me)?

that was a lot! i'm happy though that i've rediscovered so many great things in my stash this month.


  1. Amazing faves love!
    Definitely want to try some of these.

  2. I love your ultimate skincare regimen, eating healthy stuff!!! I sure wish I can get to do it regularly, but I don't seem to find a time to do grocery shopping and preparing foods. Ugh. :( Love all the items specially the NARS eye palettes. :D


  3. Great post! I want to try your skincare - you have been looking fab :) Do you have a recipe for the soup?

  4. das Paulas choice klingt wie ein Traum!! ich glaub ich teste das auch und hoffe auf gleiche Resultate^^ das Paulas choice klingt wie ein Traum!! ich glaub ich teste das auch und hoffe auf gleiche Resultate^^

  5. you have an awesome taste! and can't wait for the hakuhodo review ;)

  6. Wie immer tolle Produkte & super ausführlicher Post! :)
    Ich verwende seit einiger Zeit die "Mascara Lash Repair" von alverde. Super Preis - super Ergebnis! Die erste Wimpernpflege, mit der ich wirklich zufrieden bin. Hast du diese schon einmal getestet?

  7. Those NARS palettes are amazing! Love all ur favorites...great list

  8. Wow! So many great products! I love rediscovering things you already have in your own stash!

  9. Das sind einfach wunderschöne Teile!
    ich bewundere immer deine Produkte!
    Liebe Grüße :)

  10. wunderbar! ich kann deine gesamten posts nun im reader lesen! juche!!
    vorher war es echt anstrengend immer alles in einem neuen tab öffnen zu müssen, um die schönen bilder zu sehen.

    apropos bilder, bist du kamera oder beleuchtungstechnisch aufgestiegen? die fotos sehen irgendwie improved aus! ;)

    und: tolle produkte!

  11. It's interesting to see your skincare routine evolve over these months, as you get to know your skin's needs. I'm so glad you've been successful. : )

    I enjoy these lists. There's a motif to each of your images, whether it's the off-greiges of your current polish faves or the silvery lavender-taupes of the eyeshadows.

  12. This is a fantastic post, however my lemming-list has just trebled! x

  13. Hi! I really like this post! I love the Hakuhodo brushes in your post! How/where did you get them?

  14. Wenn du Lust und Zeit dazu hast, würde mich eine Review zu Paula's Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment interessieren. Vor allem, weil es einerseits ein recht starker Exfoliant zu sein scheint, aber andererseits täglich (und bei allen Hauttypen) angewendet werden kann. Aber wie gesagt, nur wenn du dazu Lust und Zeit hast.

    Ansonsten finde ich deine Auswahl der Monatslieblinge sehr schön. Vor allem die Nars Paletten und die Pinselauswahl lassen mein Herzchen höher schlagen.

  15. wow so excited about new Hakuhodo foundation brushes. I've seen them in the site but can't figure out the differences between 2mm and 4mm. Waiting for your review!!!!!

  16. Can you please write an in-deep review about Paula's choice products, especially their serums? Thanks

  17. @ipaintmyworld & boble: i'm planning to write a review on Paula's Choice products very soon.

  18. I love the way you are presenting your favourites. Thanks for sharing!


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