Sep 29, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Gentle.

this is MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle. it's one of the permanently available shades of MAC's baked blushes.

lightweight baked minerals should enhance the luminosity of your cheeks. the Mineralize Blushes contain 3.5g and cost 23€ (in germany) /22$/19£.
they only come in the container form and not as a refill pan because of their lower stability due to the baked formula and the dome shape that wouldn't fit into the Pro Palettes anyway.

Gentle is a rich rose colour with purple hues. it has a fine shimmer with tiny crystal sparkles. i have mentioned before that i like the baked blushes by MAC because they have a nice shimmer but don't look frosty, and Gentle is not different.
it has a dry and little bit powdery texture, a good pigmentation but sheers out beautifully for just a hint of a flush. i think it looks great on my skintone (NC20-25) and with my dark hair and eyes.
i especially like to wear it in autumn and winter, it's a beautiful contrast to golden and warm earthy tones that i like to pull out in this time of the year. the berry pink shimmery flush also looks good with the less glowy foundations that i use around the colder seasons.
the colour lasts on me quite well.

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EDIT: wow, this is already my 500th post! ;)

MAC Gentle in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out
MAC Gentle in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blusher - with MAC Gentle


Cargo Polynesia - MAC Gentle
Cargo Polynesia - MAC Gentle
of the same colour family, but a bit deeper in colour than Cargo Polynesia.


  1. I like that shade of blush! It's really complimenting for asian skin tones. :) I think we both have the same skin tone. :)


  2. Sieht wirklich sehr schön aus! Und herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  3. der blush sieht soooo schön aus. auf den wangen ist er einfach toll.

  4. Wow, 500th post is AMAZING! I'm doing giveaways (US and international) on my blog to celebrate my 100th post! This blush is such a perfect berry on you.

  5. Wunderschön, der goldene Schimmer ist einfach super! ♥

  6. Very lovely color :)

    Looks stunning on you skin :)

  7. It looks great on you! I've started to love those kinds of shades for autumn/winter as well. For me the time for my benefit getting finer everyday has come again, it's a bit less rose/pink than Gentle, more similar to Nars Sin though I suppose.
    The only Mac m/bs I have are limited edition and definitely more on the frosty side (which I usually like) so far it's Moonriver, Daft Pink and Hand-Finish.

  8. This is a gorgeous shade, it looks lovely on you x

  9. very pretty rosy colour! it looks lady-like and cute on you~~

  10. its very pretty!! I like this color on you.
    xo Jenn

  11. Very pretty! I definitely don't hear enough about this shade.

  12. I love this shade,very pretty. I dont own any MAC mineralize blushes but you've tempted me to buy this :)

  13. I don't have anything purple/plum in my blush collection, and i went to MAC to try it on.... it looked dull and old on me.

    but then I see you wearing it, u look just elegant, not dull nor old at all in this blush!!!

    maybe i should go back to MAC again.

    I mean, unbtl now, I still haven't got anything plum.

    (I'm also NC 20-25, same as you right?)

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

    1. i think cool toned rose or plummy purple can look very lovely on yellow or olive toned skin. at least on me, my skin complements the purple and makes it lively and vibrant. i'm eager to hear your thoughts after you tried out a purple/plum blush again!


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