Sep 17, 2011

deal alert! Clinique starter kits.

hello my dear readers!
long time no read - i'm sorry for the lack of posts in the last weeks. i'm coming back with a quick bargain tip for my german readers. if you want to try or are already happy with some Clinique skin care product, make sure to check out their newest offer on the official website they have different test kits for different skin issues and needs, each with 3 miniature products. i love mini products, they're nice to travel with and small pots are more sanitary to use than large ones.
for only 9€ per set you can strike quite a good deal, i bought one set "moisture" and two of the "anti aging" sets to try, i was always curious about their eye creams and serums. each kit comes with an ugly little make up bag, not mention-worthy.
Clinique ships for free if you order more than 25€ of products and have nice gift packages.

in the "moisture" set you'll find:

- Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer, 15ml (30ml would cost 29€)
- Clinique All About Eyes eye cream, 7ml (15ml would cost 35€)
- Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, 30ml (125ml would cost 29€)

so in fact you'll get about 38€ worth of product for only 9€.

in the "anti aging" set there is:

- Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus serum, 15ml (30 ml would cost 59€)
- Clinique Repairwear eye cream, 7ml (15ml would cost 42€)
- Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream, 30ml (100ml would cost 27€)

here you would even get about 60€ worth of product for only 9€, and since i bout two of these sets, i even scored an equal amount to a full size Repairwear Serum that i always wanted to try for only 18€ and got some more nice minis (like almost a full amount of the Repairwear eye cream).

i think this is a fabulous deal for someone who wants to try out some skin care from Clinique or needs some little gift sets, it's even nice to stock on products if you are already using them.

Clinique also throws in a mini 5ml sample of their All About Eyes Rich eye cream (15ml of this also sells for 35€). all in all i'm now stocked on eye creams for the next 2-3 years haha.

the only thing i don't like is the serum that is not air tight packaged, and the fact that this brand sells for a lot less in the states and us german in fact pay for some air (like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel sells for 25$ over there and for 45€ here (the 125ml size), wtf??!!!).

i'll get back to you with some great make up posts soon. i have made hundreds of photos (swatches, product pics and make up looks) in the last days/weeks as preparation for the darker seasons, i'm like a squirrel collecting light ;)


  1. Habe mir neulich bei douglas so ein "Kennenlern-Set" Hauttyp 2 von Clinique gekauft. Ich vertrage die Produkte sehr gut und sie wirken sich positiv auf mein Hautbild aus. Habe mir nun zusätzlich ein Set für unreine Haut bestellt, da meine Haut momentan leider sehr zickig ist... :(

  2. I really like Clinique products and I would love to try more, but then again I am reluctant to buy more due to the price differences you mentioned. Makes me feel cheated.

  3. ich hab mir auch 3 sets von der feuchtigkeitspflege gekauft :-) lohnt sich bei dem preis ja echt

  4. hey, gibt es die nicht im onlineshop von douglas? :-/ ich würde mir gerne welche bestellen. (und bei clinique gibt es ja die 5euro gutscheine nicht ;)

  5. uuuuhh EDIT: bei parfumdreams kosten sie nur 7,95!

  6. not only a great deal also great for traveling! :) Lg liv

  7. Fine to trying and traveling! Impossible to buy them to be shipped to Spain :( Shade!

  8. I tried to sign in but I'm having a problem introducing the zip code. Can you help me? Thanks. Love your blog

  9. hi susana! i see you're from portugal, i don't know if this offer is valid to your online clinique store at all?

  10. Just a question oO

    I recently orderd 4 sets (xD).. i know you ordered 2.. did they also split your order into more then one part? oO

  11. yes, they did! in one package there was the gift box, one set and the goodies. the other box contained 2 more sets.

  12. @Susana and Papish:

    parfumdreams is shipping to Portugal and Spain - shipping is 12,50



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