Sep 20, 2011

Glamour Shopping Week A/W 2011

just a quick shopping tip: today i spotted the actual october issue of Glamour magazine including the Glamour Shopping Card. obviously there will be another Glamour Shopping Week soon for the autumn/winter season.

it will be from 08th - 15th october 2011!

there are some nice deals (shoes and fashion up to 25% off, some drugstore coupons, GWPs, coupon codes,...) - my boys (and i) do need new shoes anyway, so this comes in handy :P
Douglas again only throws in lame 5€ off, but will offer 15€ off of 65€!
i will definitely get some Guerlain and maybe a new Dior foundation (and if i'm lucky, Chanel has launched their new foundation until then). i also want some lipsticks and MAC stuff...

you should definitely pick up a Glamour magazine if you need something, i remember that i have saved over 20€ this spring when i went shoe-shopping for my son!
they also have an GSW iPhone App that is quite helpful. for more information, i'd suggest you checking out their website.


  1. We've only used our Glamour cards on Sephora, as most of the places participating don't have a store here or the products/brands are not really appealing.
    It's great to save some money for sure.

  2. Thank you, it would not have occurred to me that this card would be worth anything but i shop at douglas and parfumdreams a lot so i'll be buying! Thanks again!

  3. you have a son ??? OMG i have been reading your blog for a while now and never thought that you are a mother . you look sooooo young ! how old is your son , how old are you?

  4. ach cool die hol ich mir auch :-)


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