Sep 24, 2011

NARS Blushes overview.

since i'm in a big "organisation"-mood today, another overview post - now of my blushes by NARS.
just click on the product names or the pictures to get to each review.



  1. All these are really great! I can just look at your post and feel like i'm seeing all this in a store. :D Hehe. Great collection! :)

    PS. Pls come and join my giveaway. :)


  2. Schöne Idee mit der Bushsammlung. Ich brauch unbedingt noch weitere Nars Blush. Oasis und Deep Throat sehen vielversprechend aus!

  3. I was wondering if you have ever tried NARS Douceur. Do you know how it compares to Cargo Tonga, and if it's different enough to Tonga to warrant purchasing the NARS? I appreciate any help you can give me as always!

  4. I love NARS blushes! I have to contain myself not to buy the entire collection!


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