Sep 25, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Blushbaby.

let's jump right in into the MAC Blushes revisited series (overview post) - starting with the Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby.

MAC Blushes come in the signature simple plastic compact with transparent lid. it contains 6g of product and retails for 22€ (in germany)/17£/19.50$ in a container and 18€ (in germany)/14£/16.50$ as a refill pan.
i like them for the huge colour range with different finishes. the rather affordable price point and the easy accessibility make them a fabulous basic range to start your blush selection with. plus, MAC products are probably the most discussed in the online beauty world so you can easily find good reviews and photos for products you might not be able to test in real. the quality is medium-high according to the different finishes while i like the Sheertone finish the most.

Sheertone blushes have a smooth and light texture, they apply rather sheer but are nicely buildable.
Blushbaby is described as a beige-pink, i would rather describe it as a rosewood colour; a dusty pink with terracotta brown hues.
it applies evenly and sheerly as a very subtle, natural looking rosy wash on my cheeks. the finish is somewhere between matte and satin, it doesn't contain any shimmer bits but has a soft silky sheen when applied.
this is a very sculpting colour and wears great with any strong eye make up - it's not overpowering but gives your cheek a great definition without being too brown. since it's so subtle and neutral of course it is also a nice everyday-blush, especially in autumn/winter times. this is one of my go-to colours when i want a no-make-up make up.

MAC Blushbaby in natural light: swatched heavily and blended out


no blush - with MAC Blushbaby


Cargo Tonga - MAC Blushbaby - MAC Mocha
Cargo Tonga - MAC Blushbaby - MAC Mocha

compared to other matte blushes of the same colour family, Blushbaby appears to have more brown in it than Cargo Tonga or MAC Mocha.


  1. I use this blush more than any other. It's so flattering and has a sophistication about it. Looks amazing on your cheeks!

  2. You're so pretty that I think you can do no wrong, but this isn't my favorite blush on you. It's just okay but usually you glow!

  3. I love the blended out color. It's so natural!

  4. I had it and sold it - I regret. Now. In the past it was too boring and now I seek for such shades. It's on my wishlist but quite at the bottom :-P

  5. It's definitely a nice everyday colour and I've often considered getting. It's very interesting to see it compared to Mocha. Mocha isn't the colour I expected at all!

  6. That is a stunning blush! :) If ever i'll go to MAC and pick up something, i'll prolly pick up a mocha or blushbaby!

    You have a great collection of make-up!


  7. Funny that blushbaby would have more brown than mocha! I love this shade though!

  8. That looks nice. I should check out this blush, the next time I visit a MAC store.

  9. This is so pretty!
    xo Jenn

  10. *sigh* I wish it looked half as nice on me, it always makes me look like I have Rosacea :(

  11. then you might try this more on the sides of the face, like a contour but only a bit higher?

  12. so confused which blush to get...I have Nars orgasm but looking for something with a bit less shimmer suitable for my Asian yellowish skin tone. so many conflicting reviews - seems a lot of people had bad things to say about Pink swoon, which is supposed to be good for Asian skin tones and other colors too. i haven't read any reviews on this one though or how it would look on me. I guess i will find out when and if i ever visit the mac counter.


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