Sep 29, 2011

L'Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in Electrified.

the L'Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in Electrified is the eyeshadow duo i initially searched for when i came across Gilded (review here). i saw Electrified on Jen from FromHeadToToe and totally had to have it ;)

again, i had to buy it on ebay since L'Oreal doesn't sell its HIP (High Intensity Pigments) line in germany. it was around 6-8€ with shipping included which is a much nicer price than what L'Oreal costs here.

the simple plastic container opens in two ways, on the bottom part is a tiny useless sponge tip applicator that only makes the packaging bulkier than it needs to be.
it contains 2.4g.

Electrified contains two beautiful colours: a highly metallic silvery taupe, which is really interesting in its complexity of undertones and the reason why i wanted this duo in the first place, and a deep pearly blackened purple with red undertones that looks just average from afar but in fact is a complex mix of pink and blue shimmer particles.
i think the texture of this duo is a lot better than from the Gilded duo, the metallic taupe is smooth and very pigmented and applies as a beautiful reflective shadow on the lids. it's easily blendable and doesn't have fall outs. the dark purple shade is rather sheer for such a dark colour but still applies evenly with nice pay off and is easily buildable without fall outs. it doesn't glide as smoothly on the lids as the taupe shade, but doesn't feel dragging like the dark brown in Gilded duo. on the other hand it lacks the intensity-contrast of Gilded to balance out the metallic effect from it's counterpart.
the metallic taupe is such a great colour with high impact to use in a night time eye make up, but the purple needs some boost from a dark base or a black shadow.
the shadows last very well on my oily lids when i prime with UDPP, no creasing or fading of intensity.
all in all, this is a very very beautiful duo and i'm pissed that L'Oreal doesn't sell the good stuff over here. you need to try it if you love metallic shadows or taupes.

L'Oreal Electrified in the sunlight - in cloudy light

L'Oreal Electrified with flashlight

this is how it looks on me:


for this lighter look i used the metallic taupe on the inner 2/3 of the lid and the lower lashline and applied the dark purple on the outer parts and into the crease area. i also used it as a liner shade for the upper lashline. then added a true purple eyeliner on the waterline to give it some more colour.

with flash:

full face:


for the smokier eye make up i applied the dark shade all over the lid and on the lower lashline and added highlights on the center of the dark colour and on the inner corner with the metallic shade. a bit of MAC Vex in the inner corners, too and lastly black liner for the waterline.

with flash:

full face:


Bare Minerals Glisten - L'Oreal Electrified - Hourglass Exhibition - MAC 100 Strokes - Artdeco #96 - NARS Melusine
Bare Minerals Glisten - L'Oreal Electrified - Hourglass Exhibition - MAC 100 Strokes - Artdeco #96

the metallic taupe shade is almost an exact dupe to Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor in Glisten, just a mini bit less golden.
the dark purple looks most similar to MAC 100 Strokes in real (here with flashlight) but 100 Strokes is really crappy and poorly pigmented (had to really build it up here). it's obviously a lot lighter than the purple shade in Hourglass Exhibition duo and less red-toned than Artdeco's #96.
although the colour combination reminds of NARS Melusine, they are totally different colours.


  1. Wow, wunderschöne Nuancen! ♥
    Der lilane Eyeliner auf der Wasserlinie bei Look 1 gefällt mir besonders gut.

  2. Very pretty. What can I say, I love purples.

  3. You're making me want to go have a run on the L'oreal stuff at my closest drugstore! This duo just looks so nice.

  4. I like the way you've made this dark combo look soft...inspirational. xxx

  5. That's definitely a dupe for the bare mineral. Nice!

  6. wow this is gorgeous
    xo Jenn

  7. I have had this eyeshadow duo for a while and I absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing the looks you have created with it, new inspiration for me ;)

  8. I notice your compact doesn't have the mirror (mine doesn't either). Some people have shown that their's does. Oh well, I don't need it, but I'm curious. I just bought this duo and love it!

    1. it's awesome, right? i just saw someone did a look with this duo on youtube, i need to dig this out and use it more often ;)
      i guess it's just another packaging version, i hope the quality doesn't change!


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