Sep 9, 2011

my favourite photo app!

while Hipstamatic seems to be quite "in" with its vintage-look photo editing, i really love to play around with WordFoto and am surprised that i haven't seen it mentioned very often yet.
it's a cool, well designed iPhone app with which you can transfer your photos to pictures drawn of words. you can buy it in the iTunes-store for 1.59€, the preview pictures convinced me in an instant.
you can choose from some pre-set designs or also create your own looks, and of course your own captions. i love to play around with it!
this is a really nice app for the money and i think totally worth it. some pictures i would even like to print on a huge canvas to hang it onto my wall - in fact, i should really do that!

you should choose photos with clear, not so detailed colour/intensity elements. additionally, i have adjusted contrast, saturation, definition and sharpness with iPhoto after i have imported them from the phone to make the pictures even brighter and more defined.

but no more talk, you best see a little gallery of my results ;)


  1. oh groooossartig.. muss ich gleich m al gucken obs das für Android gibt :)

  2. Great app!do check out my blog:

  3. ich find solche apps ja immer mega unsinnig ;-)

  4. This is such a cool app! Wish I had an iphone!

  5. Seems good!
    Very nice blog, and, I love your header!

    New follower!


  6. Ich finde besonders die Bilder von deinem Auge und dem Blog-Logo sehr gelungen. Schade, dass es dieses App nur für das iphone gibt :-(

  7. Wow! Die ist ja mal saucool... Vielen Dank für die Empfehlung! Ich kanns kaum erwarten damit rumzuspielen, und wenn man die Bilder auch noch im Großformat auf den PC kriegt... :-DDD

    Relatable Style

  8. What an amazing app! I'd never heard of it either. I love the "Who am I" of your face =)

  9. Thanks for introducing this app! It's amazing, I can't wait to start posting photos with it :D

  10. This must be sooo much fun! What a creative idea. I noticed that the last picture was a picture of some wired rings? If you do we must be kindred spirits! Please post up some more pictures of them! Thanks!


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