Sep 17, 2011

revisited: NARS Modern Love palette. looks.

in my initial swatch post of my NARS eyeshadows in last december, i had really crappy light conditions and a weird lay out. i also haven't shown you how these shadows look applied - so now i'll catch up and want to show you some proper swatches and nice eye make ups with this lovely palette.
click here to take a look at the first post i did about NARS eyeshadows.

the #9950 Modern Love palette is the only one out of my 3 NARS palettes that i bought at a good price (the other ones always overpriced on ebay :/ ). i got it from back in june last year for "only" 37£ with additional 15% off (made it 31.45£ - but they charged shipping costs before they were in the Hut Group).
the palette contains 6 shades with 9g of product in total, makes each pan 1.5g and eventually a really good deal. at the moment it's not on any official web store anymore but there are always some lingering around on ebay. even if you have to pay more than 45€ for it (which is the retail price), it's totally worth it.

i love NARS eyeshadows for their fabulous silky texture and how beautiful they blend together and out, and the shades in this palette aren't different. it's a great, balanced mix of warm and cool shades, differend finishes and intensities, all very highly pigmented.

the palette consists of a mixture of shadows from different NARS Eyeshadow Duos.

top row:
Alhambra (pinky shade from Alhambra duo) - a light rosey beige with frost finish great inner corner colour, very shiny but not too opaque.
Jezebel (dark shade of Jezebel duo) - a maroon with pink and gold shimmer, perfect for fall. makes me swoon in combination with golds
India Song (dark shade of India Song duo) - a warm dark brown with pink and gold shimmer. this applies darker than it appears in the pan. a beautiful dimensional colour, great for a simple smokey eye.

bottom row:
Tokyo (light shade of Tokyo duo) - a satiny cream white, great as brow bone highlighter or in the tearduct area.
Habanera (dark shade from Habanera duo) - amazing colour, a dark taupey purple with LOTS of white, teal and pink sparkles, that are still visible on your lids! this also applies darker than in the pan.
Pandora (from Pandora duo) - a matte black with pink and teal microshimmers here and there. very intense and finely milled black, i like to use it to darken the outer corner or as a liner. applies smoothly and evenly without fall out.

Alhambra - Jezebel - India Song - Tokyo - Habanera - Pandora

Alhambra - Jezebel - India Song - Tokyo - Habanera - Pandora

Alhambra - Jezebel - India Song - Tokyo - Habanera - Pandora

here some different eye make up looks i created with this palette:

#1 - autumnal maroon

for this look i used Alhambra in the inner corner, Jezebel on the lid and blended out and India Song in the crease and on the lower lashline.

with flash, so you can see the shimmer better:

#2 - shimmery dark purple

here i used Tokyo in the tearduct area, Habanera on the lid and blended out with a mix of India Song and Alhambra. on the lower lashline Alhambra with a dab of Habanera on the outer parts. Pandora used wet as a liner and slightly smudged out.
again, with flash:

#3 - soft smokey brown

again, a quick and easy look with Alhambra in the inner corner and inner half of lower lashline, Tokyo on the lower tearduct area, India Song on the outer 2/3. a bit of Pandora used dry patted along the outer half of the lid to thicken the lashline. i love how dimensional India song can look.

with flash:


  1. very good swatches and pretty looks :)

  2. Die Palette schaut im Pfännchen 1:1 aus wie die Cool Smokey Eyes Palette von MAC. :D

  3. These look really pretty on the eyes and the swatches are great :)

  4. Ich habe die Palette auch und ich liebe die!
    Das sind wunderschöne Farben!
    Du hast echt tolle Looks gepinselt :)

  5. Wow, I love all the looks. My favorite is the smoky purple one though. Girl your eye shape is to die for! I'm so jealous!

  6. Beautiful looks. I agree with Tao--- my favorite is the purple. This palette looks like it has wonderful autumnal colors =)

  7. That is a beautiful palette. Thank you for all of the beautiful looks and swatches. I will be keeping an eye out for this popping up on ebay or similar!
    Jane x

  8. I've never tried NARS eyeshadows, but these look absolutely pretty.

  9. Great swatches and lovely looks! I have to agree with Dovey and Tao, the shimmery dark purple is gorgeous. Habanera is a really beautiful shade!

  10. I love Nars and this palette is great for so many looks.. i think I want to try
    great post following ya

    follow me ?

  11. ich schließe mich tao an... deine augen sind der hammer :) das letzte amu ein TRAUM!

  12. Hmm I don't think the colors suit me much but this is such a beautiful palette and I love every single look you created!


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