Sep 28, 2011

foundation overview #16: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation.

i've been testing the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Luminous Coverage Foundation over the past few months. i bought it on ebay for about 30$.
it comes in a opaque squeeze tube and contains 35ml. i chose the shade Cream Ivory.

it claims to give you    "The ultimate in flawless natural coverage. Silk Crème Foundation is a beautiful, light-diffusing formula offering advanced light-reflection properties which cause fine lines and wrinkles to optically vanish. Laura created an innovative foundation that delivers flawless, buildable coverage in a long wearing rich hydrating base."

and i must say, i'm not very impressed.

Cream Ivory is a shade too light for me, i'm about NC22 in MAC right now. it might match NC15-20, with peachy undertones. i think i will only use it for the palest of pale days in winter times. but other than that i think that it doesn't feel lightweight at all, it's a rich, creamy texture and has a very high coverage that you must blend out and buff in well to avoid it looking mask-like. fortunately it spreads very nicely, i like to use a dense synthetic brush the best. but still, i find that it sits like a heavy cream on my face as if it contains a bit too much of titanium dioxide. it has a weird scent, too. like from fermenting fruits...
the finish isn't very luminous either, it's quite dull and semi-matte the first two hours after application and needs to emoliate with my skin's natural oils to become more satiny/glowy. it doesn't oxidize on me. i like that it sets dry to the touch and stays on quite well, even after 9 hours i still had good coverage and not so much shine. it does settle into fine lines a little bit when worn alone without a powder.
setted with the Translucent Setting Powder by Laura Mercier though, this makes the best oil-controlling combination i've tried so far.
i think it's quite nice for oily skin like mine, but i don't like the feeling at all. i might mix it with lighter foundations or with a serum...

ingredients (click to enlarge)
one drop of: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation in Cream Ivory - MAC Pro Longwear in NC20
Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation right after blending out
Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation 10 minutes after blending out



  1. Ya I still haven't found my match with this either.. Sucks bc I was really hoping to like it a lot.
    Great post

    xo Jenn

  2. I did not like this foundation at all either, and the shade range is terrible! I'm surprised that a line like Laura Mercier would not have a more universal range of shades.

  3. People love this, but I've heard many mix shades! It's so pricey to do that, but I still want to try it. Your skin looks nice :)

  4. Eeeeh...I have to agree with you. Not only do I have no match but it doesn't do well by the skin.

  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this matters to you but I figured I would mention that Ethyhexyl Palmitate is fairly high up in the ingredient list and this ingredient is a serious pore-clogger. I know that some people don't care about that kind of thing but I do and I wanted to let you know (if you don't already!)

  6. wow, i thought this would be nice when i saw a video of it on yt :( well, it's good to have all your feedback that i'm not the only weird one who doesn't like this haha

    @steph: thank you for that information! i'm not an ingredient-pro at all, i just assumed that the high amount of titanium dioxide leads both to the high coverage and the thick, powdery feeling. but when you say that EP is a pore clogger, it might be more likely the reason for this thick feeling of the foundation.


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