Sep 2, 2011

what i loved in august.

sorry for being so MIA the last days! i was quite in the learning mode and turned from a blogger to a reader primarily. i have tons of stuff to show you, though. i'll try to get back into my blogging rythm (since it bores me so much to only learn, learn and learn -.- ).
and since my june+july favourites post contained so many products, i want to do these monthly now. of course some basic favourites (like the Vichy micellar lotion or brow things, brushes etc.) still remain the same, but these are my favourite-favourites ;)

skin-/hair care

1 - SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel i only had a deluxe sample size of this, but could use it over 3 weeks, morning and night. i've thrown away the mini dropper vial since i've used it up so i only have the packaging to show you. it moisturises and softens my skin so much when it got thinner and very dry because of using AHAs. when i get through all my deluxe sample and full size serums i will go get a full size of this. (30ml costs about 52€/69$)

2 - Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Pearls i remember some nice reviews for this and bought it when i randomly spotted it in the drugstore. i use this oil at night instead of my REN Rose Synergy Serum/Oil over my regular serum to lock in the moisture. these should be used like a month-long treatment and have helped to improve my skin a lot over the past 2-3 weeks. it makes my skin soft and plump in the morning and smells beautifully of roses. (~15€)

3 - Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinke Eye Cream still use this religiously and LOVE it. makes my fine lines appear less visible and plumps up my dryness-lines. it can't really deal with my dark circles these days since i don't do much (i.e. sleep) to help it ;)
15ml of this cost about 62€ in germany.

4 - Paula's Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum i was using some Resist products from Paula Begoun's skin care line the whole month and this is my fave out of them. it's quite affordable for a serum full of antioxidants at about 27€/26$ and does a great job. i don't like the very siliconey feel so i only use it in the morning over my moisturising serum as a foundation primer, but it sinks in after about 10 minutes and doesn't stay so siliconey on the skin. it really improves the healing process of my skin, after only one or two days inflamed spots are healed.

5 - Hermès Hermessence in Ambre Narguilé still my favourite scent of the month. why try to describe it when the creator does so well?  

 "Amber, the Western expression of Eastern fragrances, has a warm, enveloping, almost carnal smell. I wanted to imbue this idea of amber with the memory of the East I love where tobacco, blended with the smells of fruit, honey and spices, is smoked in narguilés, or water pipes, and where swirls of smoke diffuse a sweet sense of intoxication."
Jean-Claude Ellena

i only need the tiniest drop to be wrapped in this rich summer scent the whole day and night. i love how it's different from so many other fresh, light, airy summer perfumes i use to wear.
i think i can get along at least some more months with this 4ml sample vial before i have to buy the full size (100ml) for 170€/235$.

6 - Moroccanoil Hair Treatment Oil almost out of this now and i still love it. makes my hair soft and sleek and so shiny! will get the full size soon. 25ml mini size costs about 10€, 100ml/200ml full size about 34€/52€.


1 - KOJI Eyelash Curlers i bought these last month thanks to a suggestion from a reader (thanks, Raquel! ;) ). they have replaced my worn out Shu Uemura curlers now. i love the fan-out effect! in depth review will follow soon. (~16€)

2 - MakeUpShow H06 Medium Shader Brush firm, flat sable hair brush for precise and intense eyeshadow application. i'll review it in the next brush weekend ;) (~10€)

3 - MakeUpShow H07 Small Shader Brush same as above, but smaller and less pointed in shape. i like this for detail work, to smudge out eyeliner (since it's so firm) and even for my eyebrows. (~10€)

4 - Hakuhodo 212 Highlighting Brush round (review) my HG brush for under eye concealer. effortless application, even finish and blended result. (20$)

5 - MAC 242 is my favourite MAC brush next to the 217 (which i like for cream eyeshadow or blending). this is my working horse when it comes to colour application. the size is ideal for my small lids and it's thin enough to work precisely for the under eye area. the fibres grab a good amount of product without absorbing it but transfer it intensely onto my eyes. (26€/24.50$)

6 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (review) my favourite and HG blending brush. i love this brush so much! it's dense and substantial and still smooth. it's not too dense (like the Le Métier de Beauté Eye Crease Brush which i prefer for colour application for its density) nor too fluffy/loose (like MAC 242) or too soft (like MAC 217 or squirrel hair brushes). perfection. it blends everything effortlessly and quick and beautifully. i never want to be without this anymore, have even bought a second one to use interchangeably. it costs 40$/32£.

7 - RMK Cheek Brush (review) fantastic blush brush made of unbelieveably soft pure squirrel hair. a treat for your skin. great for bright/intense blushes for a sheer, natural result. (~49$)

8 - Lunasol Powder Brush N (review) beautiful fluffy and amazingly soft pure squirrel hair. for a sheer, smooth application with every powder and without ever disturbing your foundation underneath. (~82$)

BeautyBlender - not on pic (review) i tried it with some brushes again, but still come back to my beloved BeautyBlender to at least even out the result. it's just so quick and easy to get it flawless with this little sponge!

face products

1 - Chanel White Essentiel Brightening and Smoothing Loose Powder (review) is another powder by Chanel that i love. it does what it claims and this beautifully. (~68$)

2 - Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer in Pearl (review) is my favourite under eye concealer. it's very creamy and smooth but has a good coverage and light reflection. i like the slight sheen it leaves on my skin, like well moisturised skin. (23£)

3 - Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation in #01 (review) i used this foundation most often in the last month - i love its coverage and slightly dewy finish. (~40€)

4 - Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundaiton in 52 Vanilla is a relatively new foundation in my stash - i will review it soon. i'm happy that i have finally bought this highly praised drugstore foundation! the finish is beautiful and it lasts a long time. (10£)

5 - Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in Blooming Fuchsias (review) i just adore this blush. it's bright but sheer, the matte finish is really silky and the blush itself looks stunning. sadly this was LE, i bought mine on ebay for about 72$.

6 - Paul and Joe Blue Horizon Bronzer (review) is a great subtle warm bronzer for light skin that makes your complexion glow beautifully and fine. i could snap it as a bargain for 13£.

eye products

1 - Chanel Stylo Yeux in Rose Platine (review) still in love with this shimmery liner. the colour is subtle and neutral but not too boring, i wear it on the lower lashline. it lasts really well on me and wears down a lot less quickly than i thought, which is great since it was a LE product. it did cost about 24€, i would be more than happy to get a back up...

2 - Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Épatant (review) this looks quite dark in the pot but is a great brightening greenish silver on eyes. i think the glimmer of these cream shadows is quite arresting! (~30€)

3 - Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Illusoire (review) once more: chapeau, Chanel! i love this shade! it's smokey, it's glistening and looks almost glossy on the lids - but it lasts! (~30€)

4 - Le Métier de Beauté Eyeshadow in Spicy (review) i love to try out an "exotic" brand and see why it's so appreciated where it's popular. and of course it's even better when the products can convince me, too! Spicy is a glowing warm bronze and looks fantastic when layered over other shadows. it gives a special twist to them, this is why i can finally see why LMdB propagates their Couches de Couleurs technique so successfully.

5 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Bejewelled Skylark (review) a velvety, dark red-shimmering brown. i really like warm toned eyeshadows this summer ;)


Dior Addict lipstick in Model (review) i think i like these Diors even better than Chanel's Rouge Coco Shines. Model is a fresh warm pink that gives me great colour and amazing wearing comfort. (~28€)

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Génie (review) my favourite glosses. these are shiny, non shimmery (at least my two shades), apply evenly and with the right amount of colour and coverage to be worn alone, feel great in the hands and on the lips and last a long time. Genie is a papaya orange shade which i totally went for this summer. (~30€)


regardless of the new, exciting and sparkly Chanel fall 2011 nail polish shades, my most worn and favourite nail lacquers of the last month have been two quite boring and subtle creme shades. only slightly darker than my skin tone, subtle and go with every look. let my finigers appear longer and look better with slightly longer nails than in my hospital-time. both polishes wear really well on me.
Butter London Yummy Mummy (review) (12£)
OPI Skulls and Glossbones (review) (9.50$)

my last favourites this month were two of my crystal rings from UnlimitedElizabeth (i've shown them in one of my first posts - here :D) - worn solely they spice up a plain everyday outfit and are just super sparkly. they don't overdo it because they still look quite DIY. (29$ each)

DISLIKES of the month! -_-

it comes down to learning. and to have to spend hundreds of € on books, programs etc. (and not on make up hahaha). and not to have time. or fun :(

nah, well... sometimes i just take a break from multiple choice and do a quickie make up session, last time with a crazy mask-make up inspired by one of Pixiwoos last tutorials on youtube (creased colours or something).

you just apply the colours, squint the eyes as hard as you can and blend a dark shadow over it. looks best with bright, matte colours.
due to my anatomy the creases are not very prominent (yet?) but i like how the colours pop through the dark shade. definitely an idea for next mardi gras ;)
please ignore my shitty lashes and detail work, it was just a quick 5 minutes-fun-look :P
i did it with a 88-matte-palette.

so what were your favourites/dislikes of last month? what do you look forward to in september? i'm still indecisive - on the one hand i love fall and the mild weather, on the other hand the days become shorter and the time to my final exams comes nearer ;)


  1. Very lovely picks especially the Dior lippy. :)

    The eye makeup is perfect for masquerade, costume, or Halloween parties though. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your recreation of the Pixiwoo look :D

  3. schreibst du dieses jahr examen?

  4. I have Bourjois Healty mix Serum Foundation and I am not happy with it.. :( I wonder if original formula is better.. Looking forward to review!

  5. Great post darling :-)
    Always love those monthly favorite ones, because they distinguish the good product from the great ones. ;-)

    And please, save your soul by not learning this weekend :-) I know, it's easy to say - following through is way harder. :-/


  6. A crazy eyemakeup! :D I like it!
    Thank you for sharing your time with us, and also your pictures! I liked serums and brushes a lot... Ouch! :D

  7. Nice picks! :) Great collection of make-up skincare. :D Really drooling over here. :)

  8. I'm glad that you like the eyelash curler :)

  9. I honestly can't wait to buy that Bourjois foundation. :)
    The rest is a little pricy for me but I still like it a lot. :)
    Lots of love

  10. That eye makeup is CRRazy! I'll have to try that when I'm not going anywhere. Those rings are really pretty and I think they'd look so great with some of the looser sweaters being shown everywhere for Fall, don't you? Love Skull and Glossbones! And looking forward to your review of that eyelash curler (you had me at "fann-out effect" xoxo

  11. That eye makeup is CRRazy! I'll have to try that when I'm not going anywhere. Those rings are really pretty and I think they'd look so great with some of the looser sweaters being shown everywhere for Fall, don't you? Love Skull and Glossbones! And looking forward to your review of that eyelash curler (you had me at "fan-out effect" xoxo

  12. Wow, der Look ist dir echt gelungen, sieht fantastisch aus :)
    Ich bin total begeistert von solcher Kunst am Auge ;)

    Liebe Grüße

  13. What I like about your month/bi-monthly roundups is how your tastes remains pretty consistent, but you keep narrowing it down to better and better products. We all do that, I think.

    What alpha hydroxies are you using?

  14. Fantastic post, I really enjoyed your favourites (though I fear it's left me with new lemmings). I'm in love with the crazy mask makeup. How fab is that?!
    Jane x

  15. I also love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, the finish is still great!


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