Dec 9, 2010

Monsieur NARS, you're just too tempting...! part IV

this is a short one, 'cause i will only show one product. it's NARS Multiple Bronzer in Cap Vert. (i initially was lustering for another shade, Tuomota)
i bought it brand new in a blog sale for an amazing price. you'd have to pay 41€/27£/38$ for 14g of product (i think i didn't even paid half).
it is a cream-to-powder stick. with a dryer formula, it applies quite silicony.
the colour i would describe as an amazingly natural bronze. i noticed this when i first swatched it in summer, coming back from my summer vacations with still tanned arms but paled-out hands. it blended into my tan seamlessly, making my hands look uniform with my wrist. i couldn't tell if i didn't knew better.
the finish it leaves is light and even it is matte, i has a natural satiny skin-like look.
i would prefer more grey-based colours for contouring, but as this has no shimmer bits in it, it would be totally ok to be used as a contour shade. i apply it with a fluffy Hakuhodo Yachiyo brush, a traditional japanese shape as a normal bronzer.
i don't use it that often, i don't go for the bronzed look.

blended out - swatched heavily

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