Oct 8, 2011

layering polishes: Chanel Quartz & Graphite.

as much as i enjoy to layer skincare, eyeshadows, blushes, mascaras, lip colours etc., i like to layer different nail polishes to achieve beautiful effects.
most times i would choose a very striking shade as a base and a more subtle lacquer as top coat. this way i will get a toned down and neutral nail colour but with more depth and prettier shimmer effect than the subtle colour could give me on its own. the top layer polish should be semi opaque (not the average very sheer shimmery ones) to give you the most interesting dimensional effects. the other way round doesn't work as nicely since you want the "party" shade to peek through a veil of niceness.
similar colours will enhance each other while contrasting/different colours will create a beautiful tension and unusual results.
Chanel Quartz and Graphite (review) are a perfect couple for this: one very sparkly and bold, the other pearly and understated. i always want to wear Quartz, but lately i'm mostly in the mood for something more exciting, so the highly shimmery Graphite is an ideal base for it. the result is a slightly darker and more sparkly version of Quartz - beautiful!

i am glad that the newer Chanel formulation now lasts really well on me, even after 3-4 days i have no tip wear or chipping. but unfortunately i have already removed it from my nails by now, so i can only show you the effect on a nail wheel. but it's really pretty and definitely worth a try!

in sunlight

on the left side is Chanel Quartz (2 coats), on the right side Chanel Graphite (2 coats) and in the middle 1 coat Quartz over 1 coat Graphite.

in flashlight


  1. What a great idea and it looks great :) I have both so must try this out soon!

  2. I love it and might just have to get Quartz now :)

  3. That is awesome! I'm going to have to start layering more now!

  4. Die Kombination von Quartz und Graphite sieht super aus, eine tolle Idee! ;)

  5. Quartz gefällt mir auch super, der wird auch noch bei mir einziehen!
    Graphite hab ich auch schon. ;-)

    Viele Grüße, Moppi

  6. It's been released forever, but I still want graphite!

  7. Lovely!! They're really pretty together, actually I think I even like them most layered!
    And please keep us informed about other layering faves of yours too if you don't mind, that'd be interesting to see. :)

    I just ordered some effect top coats, of the sheer kind though, CND Gold Shimmer and Orly Prisma Gold.. as I currently love the combo of a cool, bronzey golden franken under CND Copper Shimmer, it gives the muted gold a lovely autumnal reddish sheen <3 so I needed more CND Shimmers ^^

  8. Whaa! The combination looks gorgeous!

  9. Love the combination. Chanel Graphite is really pretty on its own too.

  10. I have the 529, but I don't really like it...


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