Oct 19, 2011

Dior Addict in #343 Miss Dior.

long time no lipstick! with lip products i'm by far not as obsessed as with any other product group, so i end up with only about every 20th or 30th purchase to be a lipstick or gloss. but this one was on my wish list for a few months now and i finally picked it up during the Glamour Shopping Week.
trying all those matte lippies for this season, i realised that for my features and looks, a sheer glossy lip colour suits me best so i'm still on the market for the Rouge Coco Shines, Dior Addicts & co.

this is Dior Addict Lipstick in #343 Miss Dior, a very sheer glossy peach with extremely fine pink and white shimmer. the shimmer is not visible on my lips in normal lighting (only in direct sunlight) but enhances the light reflection and glossy appearance of the lipstick. even though it's so sheer, it lights up my lips about a nuance and gives them a lush and bright look.
the formula is really creamy and fine, it coats the lips evenly without gooping up or melting into the lip lines. i always preferred the Dior Addict Lipsticks to the Rouge Coco Shines by Chanel thanks to the lovely colour selection, the beautiful packaging but also because the DAs always felt better on my lips. however in the last weeks, i find that the Chanel RCSs do a better job of long term hydration for me.
over the ~3 hours that this lippie lasts on me (chit chat and drinking included) i did find my lips to be drier and slightly chapping towards the end while with the Chanel RCSs they feel even softer afterwards than before. with this one, i have to do a slight lip scrub with a paper tissue every time i touch up (well, i have to do this with many other lipsticks also).
still, this is a beautiful lipstick that i get a lot of wear out of since it goes with so many eye make ups and blushes and the sheer and shiny formula is easy to wear all year around.
these lipsticks contain 3.5g and cost 24-28€.
click here for my review of Dior Addict in shade #564 Model. 

Dior Addict in #343 Miss Dior in sunlight: 1 swipe and multiple coats
Dior Addict in #343 Miss Dior in sunlight: 1 swipe and multiple coats

my bare lips for you to compare



  1. this lipstick has really beautiful shade.

  2. Zu wenig Effekt für einen Lipgloss dieser Preiskategorie. Und das sagt jemand, der bei Lippenprodukten eigentlich konsequent auf High End setzt. Diesen Schimmer und das Tragegefühl bekommt man mit Sicherheit auch für einen Bruchteil dieses Preises. Schade.

  3. It's a pretty shade but I've never been quite satisfied with the pigmentation of the Addicts.


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