Oct 29, 2011

Stila #9 All Over Blend Brush.

isn't that a cute picture? my brush-love becoming so symbolic - the Stila #9 All Over Blend Brush arrived me squeezed in its packaging to this little heart shape, it can't be a coincidence!
i bought this Stila brush on hqhair.com when they had an 20% off promotion going on, it cost me 12£ (originally was 15£).
the #9 brush is a fairly large fluffy blending brush. it's made with goat hair and has a round, tapered shape. overall it reminds me of an MAC 224 blending brush, except the Stila brush being slightly bigger and fluffier than the MAC one.
it has a decent quality, the handle and the ferrule are sturde attached, it doesn't shed or bleed while washing. the hair quality is nice, it doesn't feel prickly on the lids and has a good texture and resistance. i find that it needs to be denser for the hair length, though. it works nicely as an overall blending brush, blends the colour evenly and softly. but because it's so big it is not suited for directional blending work especially on my small lids, making it too negligible in my personal brush collection.
it would be nice as a brush to apply under-eye concealer, wouldn't i already have an HG for that department (my Hakuhodo 212 / B214BkSL), so i end up using it for a brightening/setting powder for my concealer occasionally.



Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush - MAC 224 - Stila #9 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Crease Brush
Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush - MAC 224 - Stila #9 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Crease Brush


  1. oh i thought it really was a heart shaped brush! hahaha

  2. Thanks for the in depth review!

    Do you still shop regularly at hqhair despite your horrible experiences with their customer service?

  3. xD I also thought it was a heart shaped brush! Haha! It's too bad it's so big. I also have smallish eyes so it'd probably go unused for me too.

  4. @nerdette: yeah, i've learned the hard way ;) i just don't use the credit card anymore if i ever shop there, it's much easier to get your money back if you pay with paypal...

  5. @kumiko & @Eden-Avalon: even i thought that this brush was supposed to be in that heart shape when i just unpacked it haha


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