Oct 22, 2011

Guerlain Météorites Perles in #02 Teint Beige.

i absolutely adore the look of the Guerlain Météorites Perles. the boudoir feel, the gorgeous packaging, the beautiful look of the colourful pearls... all this makes the using this finishing powder an absolute pleasure. i really love the velvety veil these powders leave on my skin that creates a perfected refined and illuminated complexion.
the Guerlain Meteorites come in 3 different colour harmonies that are available in the permanent range: #01 Teint Rosé, #02 Teint Beige and #03 Teint Doré. today i want to show you the Météorites Perles in #02 Teint Beige which is my newest acquisition, but i also own the two other versions - you can see a review for them here.
i do find the result of the powders different and beautiful enough to justify owning multiple versions and always wanted to get the last one as well. i recently heard that the Teint Beige would even make your skin look better than the other two, so the Glamour Shopping Week was the right time for me to finally snatch it.

luckily the discount code from parfumdreams.de was already available 1-2 weeks before the GSW started so i already own this little gem for a few weeks now.
the colour harmony in #02 Teint Beige is created to brighten and freshen up a dull skin tone (FYI the #01 Teint Rosé fights an uneven skin tone and brightens, the #03 neutralises a yellow undertone, making it appear more golden and brighter).
it contains five different coloured pearl types:
  • pink to refresh a dull complexion
  • lavender to brighten up
  • peachy beige to give some warmth and freshness
  • pearly/shimmery white & beige to add some glow and light reflection.
for this particular product, the brush for application is quite important. i never liked the result better than with the duo fibre brush by Artdeco or the Powder Brush by Le Métier de Beauté. they fit nicely into the container and have the right resistance and texture to pick up the ideal amount of product.
i apply the powder with my Le Métier Brush (review) by swirling the brush in the metal pot.

btw, mine came with an super ugly silicone sponge this time instead of a velvet pouf - is it something new? well, while i wasn't yet impressed by the pouf, i think this cute packaging deserves something better than that disgusting sponge?! i totally dislike it.

well, back to application: i strongly suggest you picking up the product directly from the pearls. this way you will get the true effect, very refining and soft focused to conceal minor blemishes and unevenness. shaking and holding the tub upside down while closed and then take the powder that collects on the lid, you will rather end up looking discoball-weird (especially in sunlight and strong direct lighting) since the powder amount that rubs off the pearls and collects on the bottom of the container contains a lot of chunkier glitter parts. you could also pick some of the shimmery pearls and remove it to get a less shimmery mixture.

although only sheerly, i find that this colour combination really does make me look bright, healthy and radiant. it would probably be the best choice for medium skin tones (the #01 is more brightening and the #03 is a bit bronzing). the pink pearls in this doesn't make me look pink at all nor does it play up the redness in my complexion. i especially appreciate it as a finishing powder over too pale, yellow or grey-toned foundations or BB creams. i wouldn't say that this is a highlighter at all, but at the same time it's more than a normal setting powder.
it does a good job at oil-controlling for my oily skin and keeps the soft luminous look for about 6-7 hours before i need to blot.

i've seen it for 36-45€ and think it's a good price for the overall product you get, plus with 30g it contains quite a lot and will last you a long time.

see more powder-reviews in my I'm digging powders!-series here.

concentrated powder

i know, you can't see a difference at all, but before someone asks for it...


only foundation - with Guerlain Météorites Perles #02 Teint Beige


Guerlain Meteorites: #01 Teint Rosé - #02 Teint Beige - #03 Teint Doré

pearl harmony of #01 Teint Rosé
pearl harmony of #02 Teint Beige
pearl harmony of #03 Teint Doré


  1. I can see a difference, it looks slightly airbrushed with the powder!

  2. I can see it too, the pores appear slightly smaller and your complexion looks softer and more radiant. That doesn't sound creepy, right? ;-)

    Btw, what foundation are you wearing in those pics?

  3. Wow they look amazing!! thanks for sharing!

  4. Ich habe die Perlen in 01 und hätte auch so gerne auch noch die Perlen in 02. Aber naja, vorher steht noch etwas anderes auf der Wunschliste, also werden die Perlen noch eine Weile warten müssen...

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Auch wenn der Effekt minimal ist, es macht den entscheidenden letzten Schliff aus, finde ich ;)
    Habe die Perlen im 01, aber jetzt will ich auch die anderen 2 Farbtöne!!!

  6. Achja, noch was vergessen: fürs ganze Gesicht entnehme ich das Puder immer direkt aus der Dose. Dann verschließe ich sie, schüttle ein bisschen und nehme dann das Puder vom Deckel als Highlighter. Da bekommt man nämlich echt nur die groben Glitzer-Partikel...

  7. Lovely! I can see a small difference, with the Pearls it looks a little bit more flawless (even though the foundation-only-pic is flawless, too ;-). Btw, which foundation do you wear in these pictures?

  8. thank you everybody - great that you can see an effect/a difference, so i will continue to do before- and after-pics even when i review a "transparent" powder ;)

    i was wearing the Jemma Kidd Light As Air foundation on that day which i will review shortly.

  9. Maybe it's resistance to the price tag...but I really really can't see anything!

  10. Hi! I'm from Brazil and I'd like to know the diference between this one and the guerlain meteorites beige chic. Thanks

  11. I have teint rose 01,nice bagatelle :)


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