Oct 29, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Contour Brush.

Sonia Kashuk is a US drugstore brand with focus on beauty tools and was really appealing to me since i started into make up. they have a wide variety of brushes at an affordable price point and seem to deliver nice quality. the handle design, especially from limited edition versions, is always very pretty and so i definitely wanted to try her brushes at some point of time. some month ago i was lurking on ebay and found the Contour Brush at a reasonable price, i paid about 10€ (shipping included) and a week later could try my first Sonia Kashuk product.
it comes in a nice and sturdy plastic case. the brush itself surprised me with its small brush head, i expected this angled contour brush to be bigger (see the size comparison with my MAC 168).
the handle and ferrule have a very good, sturdy quality. you can find Sonia Kashuk's signature printed onto the ferrule and the handle has a organic, asymmetric shape to lay nicely in your hands.
the brush is made with natural goat hair, it's not the softest but not unpleasant to use. the brush hair is short and textured so it's quite fluffy but it still has a good resilience. it doesn't shed while usage and washes nicely.
the size and the rounded angle makes this brush nice to contour the nose and to deepen the cheek contour. i wouldn't use this as a cheek contour brush on its own, i like a bigger brush to achieve a well blended fade of the contour powder. but sometimes, for a dramatic contour, i like to apply a thinner stripe of more concentrated colour just on the deepest area of my cheek hollows.
i think the brush line is interesting, i'd like to try some more brushes but find them too hard to get but too pricey when they're available.
what are your Sonia Kashuk must-haves?


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MAC 168 - Sonia Kashuk Contour Brush


  1. The blush brush is my favorite, but for powder, not for blush. The one with a "black" handle, like this.

  2. I notice that you bought it on Ebay. Could it be a fake? I bought mine at Target, which is the only store that sells Sonia Kashuk products in the US and my Sonia Kashuk Contour brush looks significantly different than yours. I've compared mine to the MAC 168 brush too (in the link below). My Sonia Kashuk Contour brush is denser, slightly wider and softer than the MAC 168 brush.


  3. Actually, my Sonia Kashuk brush is called the Multi Purpose brush, and I haven't heard of Sonia Kashuk releasing a brush called the "Contour brush" specifically.

  4. It looks good, thanks for the review and your opinion, take care

  5. I've never tried SK brushes, but I'm tempted to try them out. Heard pretty good reviews on her brushes.

  6. i have SK's flat top brush. i used to use it for foundation but i've been liking it for cream blushes recently. i also have the big version of this angled brush that i use for blush/bronzer.

    really love your blog, btw! could you please review cargo's blush in key largo? thank youuu

  7. wow perfect size to contour your cheeks. I could use this!



  8. thank you everyone!

    @joyce: i hope it's not a fake, it seems weird to copy an already so affordable brand...

    @jessica: there will be a new series including 8 or 9 new Cargo blushes in my collection and Key Largo is one of them! stay tuned ;)

  9. @ketoglutarat

    Sorry, I am an idiot -_- With further investigation, it seems Sonia Kashuk did release a brush called the "contour Brush," but it's discontinued now.

    and I agree, it would be odd to copy a brush that's already so affordable hahaha


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