Oct 22, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Rhapsody In Two.

the penultimate in my MAC Blushes revisited series (overview page here) is the Mineralize Blush in Rhapsody In Two. it was limited edition from the Too Fabulous collection and was released in spring 2010, but you might still find it on ebay and from wholesellers.
it comes in regular packaging but with 3.2g contains less than permanent Mineralize Blushes (3.5g). i think it was slightly pricier, too (about 25€?).
this is a blush duo which contains light warm pink and peachy gold parts which are mixed together in an aysmmetrical pattern. while unusual to look at, the pattern is totally impractical since with a normal blush brush, you can't reach each colour to use individually if you'd like to.
both shades are highly shimmery and have a frost finish with crystal sparkles. mixed together, the colour is a light peachy pink. due to the light colour and frosty finish, i only use this one as a highlighter when i want it to look extra glitzy. the texture is fine and smooth and it has a good pay-off, however the colour blends out and melts into my skintone seamlessly and leaves just a shimmery luster. i apply it only sheerly with a super fluffy highlighter brush like the MAC 131 or Hakuhodo G5538BkSL (review). Rhapsody In Two looks great on a tan and i like to pair it with matte pink, peach or coral blushes.
this does emphasize on enlarged pores and unevenness, so i must avoid it on bumpy days.

MAC Rhapsody In Two in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


with blusher, no highlighter - with MAC Rhapsody In Two added to the top of cheeks


1 - Chanel Joues Contraste in Espiègle (review)
2 - MAC Rhapsody In Two
3 - MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl (review)

Chanel Espiègle is much peachier and not as frosty as MAC RIT, but i haven't expected RIT to be so similar to Shell Pearl. it's just more shimmery while SP is rather pearly and a tad bit lighter.


  1. I wish that was in their perm. line, I love the sheen!

  2. I wish it too that it was a permanent shade!
    When that collection was out and I want to their store it was sold out. :(
    I hope they repromote it sometime. :)
    Such a georgeous pinky peach shade!

  3. it´s a very beautiful blush this Mac blush, I am completely obsessed with blushes! thanks for sharing!

  4. i really wanted this blush but never got my hands on it =(

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  5. You're killing me with your blush collection!
    tee hee :)

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  7. This looks like it'd be a great highlighter for more tanned skintones!


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