Oct 29, 2011

Max Factor beauty tools.

Max Factor will launch their beauty tools & brushes in germany, there will be a range of 11 basic products. the pieces will be sold at drugstores with a price point between 2.99€-15.49€. i haven't seen them in store yet, but was sent a set of 8 to review.
the packaging boxes let the make up accessories appear nice and chic, however after some testing i am not impressed at all. i think most of these products are not worth their price and more affordable drugstore brands which don't dedicate a sizeable amount of the budget to obtain a high quality natural hair should rather invest in synthetic fibres to ensure a pleasant experience of use for the customer.

now to each product:

1. Foundation Brush - 8.99€

this is a classic, paddle shaped foundation brush made of synthetic Taklon fibres. i find it too thin and floppy so it can't work the foundation in efficiently, this is better suited for liquidy formulas. it doesn't handle thicker, creamier consistencies too well and tends to apply streaky, it needs more effort to get an even finish.
i prefer the BeautyBlender sponge or fluffy round brushes for foundation application as you may know.


Max Factor Foundation Brush - No.7 Foundation Brush

2. Powder Brush - 15.49€

this is a huge powder brush with a fairly short handle. it's round bounded with a domed top. the powder brush is made with natural goat hair, medium density. they claim to use the "finest natural Capra-hair", but it doesn't mean anything else than your common goat, nothing special here.
the brush hair is quite long, so the brush has a high fluffiness and a big surface. the hair quality is ok, i have definitely seen and felt worse - also from more expensive brands. but on the other hand, i have also felt a LOT softer and nicer goat hair, so again, this is nothing for me.
the brush doesn't shed but slightly bleeds dye while washing.
i think this brush is far too overpriced and you're better off with the much cheaper synthetic powder brushes by Ebelin Professional (dm-drugstores).


Lunasol Powder Brush N - Max Factor Powder Brush - Le Métier de Beauté Powder Brush

3. Eyeshadow Brush - 5.49€

good eyeshadow brushes are very hard to find in the drugstore, i think. i've gone through many many different brands and never found something that fulfils all needs like softness, resistance and intensity of application. unfortunately this one isn't a "find", too. it looks intresting for the longer hairs in ratio to the brush width, but it lacks resistance for my taste, it absorbs too much product and applies only as a soft wash whereas i would rather prefer a larger size for the brush head (for this purpose). the brush hair is soft and it doesn't feel prickly at all.
here, i would suggest something else as well: the Alverde Eyeshadow Brush works slightly better in terms of pigment intensity of the application but costs only half as much.


Sigma SS239 - Alverde Eyeshadow Brush - Max Factor Eyeshadow Brush - MAC 239

4. Eyeliner Brush - 5.49€

for me, this is not an eyeliner brush. look at its shape, it's all over the place. a precise line is not really possible. the brush is too thick and not stiff enough. you could use it to apply brow powder, or eyeshadow on the lower lashline.
not worth the price.


Ebelin Professional Angled Liner Brush - Max Factor Eyeliner Brush - Sigma SS266 - Louise Young LY30

5. Lip Brush - 5.49€

this is a covered lip brush, unfortunately it came to me in 3 parts and i had to glue it together. the cap fits nicely but the shape is a bit unusual for me. i find it thicker and fluffier than i like and since it's made of soft natural hair, it lacks the resistance i would need for a precise application. and because it's so fluffy, i find that it absorbs too much product without releasing it. i prefer a synthetic, flat and dense brush for lipstick application.
funnily enough, this is the only brush that i actually use. i really like it for precise eyeshadow application, for example in the inner corners.

6. Eyelash Curler - 5.49€

this curler doesn't replace my old one, too. it has a nice design with the matte black lacquer and has a good grip, but it doesn't feel sturdy in my hands. the weak point is the rubber pad that is included: it's much too soft and has no bounce/resilience at all, so i don't feel safe using it. i like the plane curve of it, though since it doesn't pinch my lids and fits my eye shape well. this definitely needs other silicon pads, otherwise it is not a useable product.

7. Brow Brush with Lash Comb - 3.49€

a classic tool, but again, no recommendation. the bristles of the brush are made of plastic and are very thick and coarse. i prefer a spooley wand, and for the lash comb i prefer a metal comb that separates your lashes better.

8. Slanted Tweezers - 5.49€

this product is ok. it has a nice grip, the branches close tightly. two complaints: it lacks resilience and is not sharp-edged enough to pick up fine and short hairs.
you can get much better tweezers for less money.

furthermore, you can buy a Blush Brush (10.99€), a Nail File (6.49€) and a Nail Clipper (2.99€) from this line, but i feel that the whole line can be passed with good conscience.
the range of products did sound promising, especially for the german drugstores, but i find the quality is a disappointment. still, i'm thankful to have been sent the products for consideration.


  1. perfect istruction!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

  2. great review on those! they're pretty small but looks promising. :)

  3. I didn´t know Max Factor had brushes, take care

  4. OUCH! Wow great review, I love your blog. Just got Guerlain Parure de Nuit, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it? - I spotted it in your last haul xx


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