Oct 24, 2011

MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy.

i wanted a dark brown eye pencil with beautiful shimmers since i still miss such a colour in my collection. most times i saw a pretty eye make up with an appealing brown eyeliner it ended up being MAC's Teddy Eye Khôl, so when i did a little bit of MAC basics-shopping in the Glamour Shopping Week few weeks ago, i picked up Teddy.
this eyeliner contains 1.36g and costs 16.50€.
Teddy is a dark chocolate brown (or grizzly brown? ;P ) with red/pink pearl and gold shimmer. it applies smoothly without tugging my skin and doesn't feel gritty. it glides well but is not too soft. the colour is too red for me to wear on the lower lashline or even on the waterline, it would make me look tired and sore-eyed. i like to wear it along the upper lashline to warm up an eye make up.
i'm not impressed with the staying power, though.
on the lower lashline it lasts ok with a bit of smudging on the outer corners after about 4 hours, on the waterline it seems to irritate my eyes (but that is an individual thing). on the upper lid it lasts better, but with my folded lids i would get a stamping/transfer effect over the crease area. so i would have to blend up a darker eyeshadow a bit higher to prevent it getting to apparent.
all in all i do like the colour a lot, but for me it's uncomfortable to use.
i will probably take a look at the NARS Larger Than Life eye pencils since i haven't found a good match for Teddy at Urban Decay.

MAC Teddy swatched in sunlight
after the rub-test: no real staying power, huh?


here i wear it along the upper lashline with Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #4 (review)

with flash:


MAC Powersurge - P2 Bronze - MAC Teddy - MAC Spare Change - Essence Lake Shore
MAC Powersurge - P2 Bronze - MAC Teddy - MAC Spare Change - Essence Lake Shore

with flash:
MAC Powersurge - P2 Bronze - MAC Teddy - MAC Spare Change - Essence Lake Shore

after the rub-test:
funnily enough, the cheapest eyeliners are the longest-lasting ;)


  1. Essence has a good dupe of this and is also called Teddy.

  2. Von Artdeco gibt's einen wasserfesten braunen Kajal, der in genau diese Farbkategorie passt und einer meiner Lieblinge ist. Schöner Vergleich!

    Viele liebe Grüße,


  3. I love bronze pencils, thanks for sharing! take care

  4. Yours is my favorite beauty blog. I normally just lurk without leaving a comment, but I recently bought the Nars Larger Than Life Longlasting Eyeliner in Via Appia (brown) and had to warn you against buying it. It is a very light brown so does not show up well as ann eyeliner. Also, the built-in sharpened is worse than useless. The very first time I tried to sharpen the tip the sharpened took the entire nub which stuck inside. So now the tip is too blunt for use as eyeliner. I use it as an eyeshadow now but that was too much money for a meh eyeshadow. The texture is not great either, but the worst part is the weak pigmentation. Good luck with the search for a good dark brown eyeliner.

  5. That's why I love drugstore brands!

  6. It looks beautiful on your eyes, bummer about the lasting power

  7. I love Teddy, but spare change looks amazing! x

  8. Haha. I love the rub test. Teddy is beautiful but that lasting power? No thanks!

  9. I agree that the lasting power is not the greatest, but I personally LOVEEEE Teddy! I love it on my upper lashline, my lower lashline, and on my waterline. Luckily, I don't find it too red on my waterline at all, but I could definitely see how it might be too red on some. Have you tried Urban Decay Bouron? The color is really, really similar, except for it's more glittery than the shimmery sheen that Teddy has :)

  10. @marox79: thank you for the tip! i checked it out when i went grocery-shopping yesterday. i think the colour is very similar, but MAC's version is more shimmery while Essence's Teddy only has that pink pearl shimmer. it's a good colour-clone for that price, though!

    @Doris: thank you for the recommendation, too! i will definitely try it. i always found Artdeco's liners very reliable.

    @anonymous: thank you so much for the warning and the short review of NARS' LTL pencils! Via Appia was exactly what i was considering, but now i won't buy it. maybe MUFE has some nice things to offer?

    @Ana M.: EXACTLY. with eyeliners, i don't find that you pay for quality at all when you branch out to the super expensive brands. you will most likely pay for the nice name, the marketing and the more special and unique colours and shimmers. good quality in texture and staying power can surely be found at the drugstore, too. but once i found that unique shimmer effect and that special colour, i would be happy to pay for it a) only when i'm satisfied with other product groups (eyeliners are the least important haha) and b)when i can't find a similarly pleasing colour at a lower price point.

    @Eden-Avalon: yeah, it's like the moose-accident-test for liners and cream shadows at the "(in)official cosmetics testing institute delicate hummingbird" haha.

    @Tiffany: i wished it worked for me, too. i don't like the glitter bits in UD Bourbon, so i decided for MAC and against UD; seems like i'll have to find something completely different now. maybe i'll get a MUFE pencil.

  11. Teddy looks really nice :)
    Haven't noticed essence Teddy, must go shopping


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