Oct 16, 2011

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #1.

now that Giorgio Armani has added their infamous Blushing Fabrics to the permanent range i instantly added one of these to my virtual shopping cart when spotted them available on douglas.de.
these cream blushes were occasionally launched with limited collections of the past and now the shades in #1, #2 and #3 came back to stay. they come in simple tubes and contain 20ml - which is a huge amount for a cream blush. it costs 29.95€, i think that is more than reasonable for the amount that you get.
with some coupon codes i got 5€ off and a 15ml-mini version of a Kenneth Cole fragrance for men - the best source for a up-to-date summary of all available codes is Frau Shopping (on the sidebar).

looking through some online swatches, i went for #1 which seemed like the safest colour to try since it's a pink shade.
it comes squeezed out as a very bright fuchsia pink with flecks of multicolour shimmer. it has a faint soapy scent which i find quite weird, but not annoying. the texture is like a light paste/mousse, it blends out extremely effortlessly because of the silicones contained in it. blending with the fingers you can actually feel the siliconey dry texture and the velvety particles that glide easily and leave an even and sheer wash of candy pink colour with very subtle shimmer effect on the skin. the texture makes your skin appear smooth and the colour melts in seemlessly.
the colour is buildable but only to a certain extend (the difference between 2 layers and 3 layers is marginal) - the silicone particles don't adhere well together and slide onto each other, there's no water that evaporates to leave a higher pigment concentration to dry down. the product stays well blendable for about 1-2 minutes before it settles to a stain-like result.
since it's so blendable you only need a tiny bit of product. i like to squeeze out a mini dab onto my foundation dish and get an even amount onto my brush (i use the Hakuhodo G5552 with it) and dab it onto the cheeks. it's super easy to use and if you concentrate the colour in the center of the blush area and let it fade towards the edges, it becomes a really beautiful, glowing effect.
thanks to the staining quality it lasts really well on my oily skin, it's easy to remove with normal make up remover, though.
now that my skin is better, i love to use cream blushes and next to a whole lot of Le Métier de Beauté Crème Fresh Tints i have also bought another of the GA Blushing Fabrics. i think the fine texture of cream blushes with their soft and natural colour and sheen makes you look really fresh and vivid and i love that look for the autumn and winter!

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #1: 1 layer
Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #1: 2 layers
Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #1: 3 layers


without blusher - with GA Blushing Fabric #1



  1. Die Farbe sieht riiichtig hübsch aus!!
    Steht dir so gut <3


  2. I love this colour on you. really nice!

  3. It looks very pretty on you :)

  4. I love these! The colour you chose is so pretty and fresh. I have the one from the new collection, I think it's number 6 and it's the perfect autumn shade. I adore the blushing fabrics, the finish is second to none. Try using it on the lips too to add a natural flush of colour that matches the cheeks!


  5. That is really beautiful, I'm intrigued by blushes in these sorts of containers!

  6. This blush looks really natural!

  7. Ich habe mir diese Blushes schon oefters angsehen und jedesmal,wenn ich ihn getestet habe, kam da fast nur fluessiges raus,obwohl ich gut geschuettelt habe.
    Vllt. habe ich nur Pech gehabt,da deiner klasse aussieht auch von der Konsistenz her


  8. Wow! For some reason I thought that these would be bigger. I love the result, i'm just a bit nervous about which colors to try out! <3


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