Oct 10, 2011

MAC Blushes revisited: Mocha.

this is MAC Mocha Blush. it's from the permanent range and a Matte finish blusher.

MAC blushes come in this simple container and contains 6g. they retail for 22€ (in germany) /17£/19.50$ but are also available as refill pan for 18€ (in germany) /14£/16.50$.

Mocha seems like a boring dusty/muted rose in the pan, but it applies as a great natural flush on the skin. a colour that goes with everything and enlivens your cheeks with a subtle definition and contour.
i don't like MAC's Matte texture at all, it feels quite firmly pressed and chalky to the touch. but in this case, the sheerness and rather low colour pay-off of the product comes to its benefit and you'll get a nice and sheer wash of autumnal rosy flush. with a goat hair brush it's easy to blend and achieve an even result.
Mocha is a great go-to colour for whenever i can't decide what blush to combine but still don't want to disclaim a little bit of colour. however i wish for the same colour but with a silkier texture but still haven't found a better dupe for it. can you recommend one? so i can finally toss out this last Matte annoyance ;)

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MAC Mocha in sunlight: swatched heavily and blended out.


without blush - with MAC Mocha


Cargo Tonga - MAC Blushbaby - MAC Mocha
Cargo Tonga - MAC Blushbaby - MAC Mocha


  1. What a coincidence! Mocha was my very first blush and my first makeup item from MAC... that makes it the most venerable product in my overflowing makeup drawer! I spent years forgetting it, then a few weeks ago casually picked it up and now I'm in love again.

  2. I haven't purchased a blush from MAC yet and your posts are great at helping me decide which ones to get!

  3. is this color good for paler skin? I am kinda nw 20 or lighter in the winter, I want something like this but I can't decide ...

  4. @katherine: i think it would look good on your skin! i'm about nc20-25 (more on the 20 side right now) and i don't have any issues with it.

  5. Mocha is another one of those staple blushes I don't have. I like the drier matte texture because my cheeks are quite oily - so it kind of balances it out!

  6. Thanks for your blush posts! I'm thissss close to getting Cargo's Tonga. I have similar colouring to you (NC20/25), and I think Tonga will be great for a makeup newbie & minimalist. However, the photos of you wearing Mocha are giving me pause.

    Do you find yourself reaching for Tonga anymore? Or did your interest wane after the thrill of the hunt (I agree, Cargo is hard to get!)?

    I like matte (or at most, satin) blushes and am looking for one that will give me a healthy, fresh-faced lit-from-within glow. I'm interested in what you would recommend for me. (It doesn't have to be Mocha or Tonga.)

  7. I am gonna check this color out :) thank you!

  8. Gorgeous blusher! I love MAC products :) thanks for this xo

  9. @boobooninja: i still love tonga as a whenever/whatever blush. it's just so versatile and the texture is SO much better than mac's.

  10. I got it and I love it! Thanks for your response!
    :) It's gorgeously natural and doesn't look powdery even though it is a powder blush. Magic.


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