Oct 30, 2011

new Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush.

this is not a full review on the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush, because i have already done it before: here. this is just a post to praise it once more and to show my affection to this brush. it is just a new and additional one i have bought to accompany my absolute favourite HG blending brush since i slightly damaged my first EB Luxury Eye Brush and have some fear of loss now. i love it so much that i use it all the time, a second one to use interchangeably is just a logical consequence.
this brush retails for 40$/32£ but it's worth every single penny.
when other brushes have to give up on hard-to-blend eyeshadows, this can make them look like one of the best textured eyeshadows effortlessly. it's soft, dense, firm, fluffy, compact all at the same time with the perfect balance of each attribute, making it my workhorse of blending brushes. i don't believe that i will find a blender better than this. doesn't mean that i stop looking for one, though ;)
i have the feeling that the Tom Ford Blending Brush is a good one, too - but we'll see in some weeks...


to my old Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush
new - old
notice the older one looks slightly skinnier but only because i smashed the edge of the ferrule so it's a bit squeezed ^^


  1. Congratulations! I remember when you had to perform surgery on your other one. You do love these brushes. I have never seen a Edward Bess cosmetics "station" (I can't think of the word) but if I ever do, I know that I will go straight to the brushes!

  2. where can I find this brush? It looks fantastic and I am real blender brush fanatic, I need to replace some and this looks perfect.

  3. My favorite blending brush is the Sonia Kashuk Large Crease brush. The bristles are firm and not flimsy. It's my holy grail brush for blending out harsh lines and dark eyeshadows. It's only $5.99 at Target, but the handle is white. (It doesn't look as professional or nice as my other brushes, which have a black handle.)


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