Sep 18, 2011

Clé de Peau Beauté Cheek Color Duo #4.

Clé de Peau is a brand that i wanted to try since forever and a day, but since it's not accessible to me online or in store, it had to remain one of the "loves from afar". but since i got to know Maureen, almost everything is possible now ;) she ordered some CdP items for me at Neimann Marcus and sent them to me.
today i want to start reviewing/showing you my CdP order with their Cheek Color Duo #4. i only ordered the refill versions of the products because i didn't want to pay extra 40$ for a compact that wouldn't even fit into my drawers anymore and which i wouldn't fully appreciate, i don't ever take many make up with me for touch ups or do i need any more useless mini brushes.
all my CdP products fit nicely into my old big Artdeco palette.
this duo contains a blush and a smaller section with a highlighter shade with a total amount of 5g. it costs 47$.

Cheek Color Duo #4 consists of a bright salmon blush shade with an intresting texture that looks like pressed crumbles of different nuances of powder. it feels very silky and smooth and applies as a fresh wash of coral peachy color on me with a satin finish and soft gold sheen. the pigmentation is easy to work with, applied sheerly it looks very subtle but still very brightening and youthful but it's also easily buildable to a more apparent shade that looks beautiful on deeper skin tones. it creates a dimensional glow, applies evenly and blends easily (i apply it with a soft squirrel hair brush like the RMK Cheek Brush or the Lunasol Cheek Brush N). the colour doesn't oxidise or fade on me throughout the day.
the highlight shade is a soft shimmery beige with the Clé de Peau emblem embossed into it. it's very sheer and subtle and has some tiny crystal glimmers on a sheer pearly base colour. it looks great in combination with the blush colour but is a very flattering colour for many skintones/other blushes. the shimmer particles create a beautiful highlight on my cheekbones, the shimmer bits don't lay flat on the skin or settle into enlarged pores to emphasize the unevenness of the skin. i apply it with the Hakuhodo G5521BkSL, a small pointed brush (like a baby MAC 138/165) that's made of a blend of squirrel and goat hair.
the powder duo has a faint flower scent. compared to my other shimmery salmon blushes it's peachier than Laura Mercier Orange Blossom and less red than MAC Style. it also doesn't have the strong gold shimmer/duochrome like the two other.
overall a beautiful product, this is surely not the last blush that i'll have tried by CdP. 

Cheek Color Duo #4 in sunlight: blush & highlight swatched heavily, then both blended out.
Cheek Color Duo #4 in sunlight: blush & highlight swatched heavily, then both blended out.


no blush - with blush only 

with blush and highlighter 


Laura Mercier Orange Blossom - Clé de Peau #4 - MAC Style
Laura Mercier Orange Blossom - Clé de Peau #4 - MAC Style


  1. Eine tolle Nuance, wenn ich einfach rankommen würde wäre ich bestimmt auch geneigt gewesen zuzuschlagen. Ist schon ein echtes Schmuckstück :)

  2. It's reminding me of MAC My Paradise. Nice how well it fits in your Art Deco palette!

  3. thank you all!

    @sarah s.: yeah, i was very happy that it fitted so nice, since i have another empty palette that is much too narrow for the CdP pans.

    @tao: oh no, my skin is jus foundation ;)

  4. Beautiful :) Is there any similarity to Nars Orgasm or Luster?

  5. orgasm is more pinky while luster is more golden/peach than CdP. both are a lot more shimmery, too.


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