Sep 22, 2011

Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats #05 Rose Plein Vent.

you might already know from my prior reviews of Guerlain's Blush 4 Éclats (#04 Rosée du Printemps and #07 Caresse de l'Aube), that i'm an avid fan of these. some months ago i bought another shade of it, #05 Rose Plein Vent, which i want to show you today.
this time i tried and ordered on where they offer Guerlain amongst many other (asian) high end brands. i can really recommend this shop! they offer free shipping with orders over 30$ and ship quickly and discreetly.
and thanks to the conversion, i could also save some $ on it (i paid only 45.99$ which was about 33€ at that time while it would have cost me ~45€ in germany). it contains 9g of product, which is a lot for a blusher.

the blush comes in a velvet pouch as always, the compact is in an organic shape that with its metallic golden surface reminds me of a melting gold nugget. i'm asking myselft if they might plan to redo the packaging or the product generally like they did with the eyeshadow quads. at this time i'm still pleased with the nice packaging, even though the gold is very prone to fingerprints, it's not overly tacky and even though it also contains a (useless) brush applicator it doesn't appear that bulky like Chanel's compacts.

nevertheless it's the content that matters, and also what really persuaded me. i always wanted a richer colour of the Blush 4 Éclats, compared to my 2 others, so i chose #05 Rose Plein Vent. it has the signature violet scent like many other powder products by Guerlain which many don't love (me included), but it evaporates quickly (or am i getting used to it quickly? ;)).
it consists of 4 quite autumnal colours:
  • a shimmery tan-peach
  • a satin pale pastel peach
  • a shimmery reddish berry-pink
  • a satin pinky-peach
although it's sectioned in different parts, i prefer to swirl all colours together. mixed, it is a muted peach with pearl shine, it's a more shimmery shade compared to what i already know from this range. 

Guerlain Rose Plein Vent - each shade swatched individually. clockwise, starting upper left.
Guerlain Rose Plein Vent - all shades mixed together, swatched heavily and blended out.

it has an extremely fine and silky texture without being too soft/buttery and applies rather sheer, but easily buildable. the sheerness assures a fool proof application without getting blotchy or going overboard. this colour instantly adds a lot of warmth and definition to my face, i think it looks great combined with bronzer for a warm, sculpted look. this is an easy colour that can go with many different eye make ups.
i don't prefer it over my other Blush 4 Éclats, though. i find that the higher shimmer diminishes the ability to even out and refine the skin that i'm so fond of with the other two Guerlain blushes. it doesn't emphasize on uneven skin at all, but it just doesn't make my cheeks appear as fine and youthful as the other blushes from the range. if you already have beautiful skin this wouldn't be an issue for you at all, but with my enlarged pores i really appreciate a blush that makes my skin appear like porcelain.
so in the end this is a very nice blusher, but for the colour alone it's not that special like i wished it to be for a "beautifying" quality.


no blush - Guerlain Rose Plein Vent applied.


  1. Very beautiful shade. Enhances the features so naturally

  2. Sieht sehr hübsch aus, sowohl die Farbe/n, als auch die Verpackung und der Blush erfrischt deinen Teint sehr schön.

  3. I'm in love with the peachy shade! <3 Gorgeous!

  4. This looks so natural on you...the colour is gorgeous!

  5. aaahhhh

    das will ich mir seit wochen kaufen! ;-)
    aber danke, dass du dich auch ein wenig kritisch geäußert hast, das mindert meine kaufwut;)


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