Feb 13, 2011

NARS Bateau Ivre

NARS Bateau Ivre eyeshadow duo (4g - 34€/23.50£/33$) is part of their spring collection 2011. i ordered the other eyeshadow duo that came out with the look, Nouveau Monde, on asos.com (they have NARS in their range now) but received this one instead. Bateau Ivre contains of a muted sky blue with little silver shimmers and a matte denim. i can't say how the shades transfer on skin though.
the shipping was really fast, even though it was free. because i will send it back, this one is only with photos, no swatches.
the customer care of asos seems to be nice, i wrote them an email about my false item yesterday (=saturday) evening, and promptly got an answer.  they were sorry and the correct product will arrive me feb 17th at the latest and ask me to send back the other item. sounds great, if they will be true to their words, i will put a big ASOS in my good books ;)
now to the big BUT: holding the duo in my hands really really intrigues me to keep it  -.-
look how AMAZING it looks on her O.O !!! but on the other hand, i only wear such colours (and finishes) once in a blue moon. but it looks sooo great!
now it's your part to convince me that i may not touch this duo ;) !


  1. ich befürworte die rücksendung.
    ich denke, das nouveau monde duo wird dir besser stehen und dich auch eher im alltag begleiten, als dieses doch recht auffällige duo.
    im endeffekt entscheidest jedoch du selbst. :D

  2. hmm, ja ich befürchte auch. mittlere blaus find ich sicher auch im günstigeren preissegment, wo mir die qualität&verpackung etc bei solch selten getragenen farben nicht soo wichtig ist. nouveau monde kommt aber in jedem fall.

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