Feb 8, 2011

long lasting lip colours

the idea of a thin coat of long lasting colour with a clear glossy top coat is great, especially for bold colours. however i seem to get sucked in by the lighter tones again :P
with those, i find the cheaper ones from dugstore brands not inferior to more expensive brands, they work the same.
the base colour is very drying, whatever brand you choose. and if you don't use a veeeery thin coat of it, it will crack and crumble on your lips anyway (but some brands less than others). apply the colour on bare lips (take off anything that was on there), that have received a good scrub beforehand and are soaked full with balm, to achieve the highest longevity of the lipgloss. i get at least 5-6 hours of even-colour-wear with them, eating+drinking included, they will also survive "light" kissing. i like that they are transfer resistant.
the thing to maintain the colour is the top coat. you should keep reapplying it regularly, as most times it's of a thinner formula and won't last very  long on your lips.

i know MAC also has such lipglosses, but Manhattan (drugstore) also offers a nice range of colours at a fraction of the cost, so i did never see a reason to purchase the expensive version. also because trying it over and over at the counter never wowed me in no way at all.

special tip: don't drink too much strong alcoholic drinks when you wear such a lipcolour - the alcohol will break the colour surface on your lips, dry it and cause it to crumble off of your lips, which doesn't look very sexy particularly if it's a bold colour. i speak from experience ;)

Manhattan Lips2Last  
there is a nice selection of colours by Manhattan, they don't only have darker shades, but also some naturals and even nudes (which are rare in those in the drugstore world). they cost about 5.50€. 
the colour side has a doe foot applicator while the gloss side, in this case it's more like a glossy balm, has a weird soft brush of natural hair (i think it is). if you don't want to ruin the clear gloss (like i did), you should apply it onto the back of your hands before dabbing it on with your finger. 
the colour "lacquer" is of  a thin formula, but very pigmented and incredibly longlasting. i still have a light pinkish swatch mark on my arm from the weekend - even though i have rubbed my skin over and over again, even with alcohol. but on your lips, it's not that bad, with a little rubbing i can get it off with my normal cleaning wipes.
i don't like that Manhattan still doesn't have names for their products, the numbers are horrible.

is a light pearly peach-pink.

is a bright china red, no shimmer. my favourite for a red lip. because i only wear a red lip when i demand for attention, and then i will wear the brightest red i can find ;)  and this is sooo low-maintainance!  it's great!
Manhattan 44Q without the gloss on top - please excuse my sloppy outlines as i wanted to swatch it quickly before the lighting got worse :)
Manhattan 44Q with the gloss added

Basic Perfect Kiss Permanent Lipgloss
again the same idea, this time with a more liquidy lipgloss on the other end, which comes with a very nice brush applicator. the scent of it is very very artificial/plasticy, so i can't recommend it to sensitive noses :( . you can get this brand at Schlecker, i think the glosses were about 4€ each. they don't have names either, i don't think they even have numbers?

the lighter one i have is a blue-toned light pink. it does have slight silver pearl to it if you look closely.
i think i got too little gloss on this swatch

the other shade is a raspberry-plum, a great colour for fall.

so how do you like these? have you tried them?


  1. schöne Farben, besonders der 59C hat eine schöne Farbe, entspricht meinem Beuteschema! Muss aber zugeben, die Namen sprechen mich auch nicht, die könnten ein wenig kreativer sein!
    Danke fürs swatchen!

  2. I won't try the Basic ones as I hate plasticky smells. But the Manhattan lipcolors sound nice. My favorites right now are the Maybelline 16h Lipcolors, No. 510 Red Passion is really loud too and stays on for 8 hours. I really wished I hadn't bought one of the MAC lipcolors before seeing that Maybelline shade

  3. @tara: ja, 59C erinnert mich an den Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque in Santal. ist echt hübsch und natürlich und passt zu allen amus. wegen der namen: das ist echt sehr konsequent konservativ ;) catrice hat's doch vorgemacht. ich werd in 100 jahren nicht aus dem nummernsystem schlau.

  4. @in your face: yeah, there are also 2 new and limited shades with their new london calling look, a peachy nude and a bold magenta. i will pick them up soon. i swatched them yesterday, and can't stop thinking about them so i think that's a good sign :)

  5. Wie gut halten denn die von basic? Bei mir krümeln die von Manhattan immer weg. Toll find ich die von Maybelline, aber seitdem sie die neu rausgebracht haben und sie je nach Drogerie zwischen 10 und 14€ kosten, schrecke ich davor etwas zurück.

  6. ich hab mit beiden vorgestellten marken keine probleme, sie halten bei mir im durchschnitt 5-7 stunden (inkl. essen und trinken) - wobei das dunklere von basic am besten hält. wie gesagt peele ich meine lippen vorhergründlich und entfette sie. wenn man keinen alkohol trägt, halten sie auch länger. das wichtigste ist aber wohl, eine wirklich nur ganz dünne schicht aufzutragen.
    die von maybelline kenn ich nicht, die sind mir auch zu teuer zum ausprobieren.

  7. do you suggest any lip pencil with Manhattan 44Q lip gloss,, or do you think if a lip pencil is neccessary? i really like the shade :)))

  8. i love Manhattan 44Q lip gloss, the shade is amazing,, but do you suggest any lip pencil to go with it,, or what do you think is a lip pencil neccessary at all? :))

    1. hi ved.t!
      i usually don't apply anything before i use such long lasting lip products as i find them lasting on my lips better and they feel more lightweight when i applied them on clean lips.
      i would take some product with a lip brush and apply more precisely, though :)

  9. thank you for your answer,, sorry for double post from before :)))


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