Feb 21, 2011

NARS blushes revisited?

i took a look at my old swatch post of my NARS blushes and noticed that the pictures aren't really true to colour, part of it because i was just starting with this blog and haven't done that much pics of my stash to get a feeling for it, another (big) part is because of the bad lighting back then in the deepest winter.
i have swatched them again, to see if it's any better, but am unsure if there is interest from your side. or should i wait 'til summer (or at least a really sunny day in spring) to do that again and give you those pics? what do you think?


  1. Hi there!
    I'm so happy I found your blog (through Modesty Brown), as your taste in makeup is excellent and you feature products that I'm very interested in :-)
    I don't know about anybody else, but I would love to see swatches of your NARS blushes. I own quite a few myself but I'm always ready and willing to splurge for some more lol
    Take care
    Nina (in the UK)

  2. OOoh, I'd love to see new/better swatches! Especially because you've been shwoing so many of your NARS hauls and the colours are really pretty, but I still prefer to see them swatched on asian (though I'm a bit darker than you) skin.
    Thanks, Keto!

  3. I would love to see your swatches! I'm excited at the mere site of the closed blushers so get them opened ;D. I love seeing NARS swatches as I rarely get to a counter to have a look in person.
    Jane x

  4. Ich würde sehr gern neue, bessere Swatches sehen

  5. I would love to see new swatches and read your comments on the colors!

  6. haha you are such a perfectionist I love it! xxxx I enjoyed the old post so only do a new one if you have time, it must take you ages, I am full of admiration for you and this blog. Thank you!!!

  7. thank you all for the feedback!!! today i got 1 day off AND it was soo sunny, and guess what? i swatched all of them a 3rd time and will mix all the photos together to do a close up on each blush ;)

  8. haha, well, i did it after that post ;P i plan on a series with mac blushes now :)


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