Feb 3, 2011

FOTD: mardi gras preparation

tomorrow i'll be at a mardi gras party - i didn't know how to costumize, but i knew i wanted to try to paint a mask with lots of glitter.
because i have never done that before, i wanted to try it out at least once as a dress rehearsal. i will have to hurry a little bit tomorrow, because i still have to work and all the family stuff so i didn't want to do it unprepared. this i just slapped on over my existing make up, i taped my face and went on as it goes... and that's how it will maybe look like ;)

i also found a cute clutch in a lip shape today, so red lips will be a must to go with it.
i used Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Strut as a base and then a lot of blues, greens, yellows and purples out of my 88 shimmer palette (luckily i have it -  i knew i would get more use out of it one day ;)  ) my biggest concern still is the staying power, with all the sweat and my oily skin - i don't think a normal setting spray such as MAC Fix+ will do. should i try the hairspray-method? but maybe that'll look greasy... is hairspray actually very harmful for your skin?
some falsies would be nice, maybe i can stick some rhinestones or feathers on the upper edge. but i'll definitely have to change the shape a little bit.

i will wear a black lace dress with a black tank-dress underneath, black tights and bright green velours heels. my hair i will tease up to a biiig scraggy pile :)
no real costume, huh? but i didn't want to dress up with the costumes you can buy.
so i think i'll go as somewhat like a (mysterious) slutty woman...
what do you think? some advices?


  1. Wow, total cool! Ich bin echt begeistert!

  2. mardi gras ist ein echt einfallsreiches motto für eine party!
    und deine umsetzung ist grandios!
    die übergänge zwischen den einzelnen farben hast du ganz besonders schön hinbekommen! <3

  3. danke schön ihr beiden!
    @strawbemmy: die übergänge hab ich mit vieeel blenden und vieel eyeshadow hinbekommen. hab für alles 2 von den alten highlighterpinseln von ebelin verwendet - das war ein spaß, so gar nicht auf grenzen und sauberkeit achten zu müssen.


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