Feb 6, 2011

mardi gras - soul strip - contest entry - blog suggestion

this is how i eventually looked like last night ;) added some chunky glitters in royal blue and teal (i sticked it on with lash glue) to the initial idea. it was so good to apply the colours without having to be correct and to respect borders! i find i turned out a little bit like a superhero-mask ;)
i also made a hair clip with some peacock feathers and other teal-coloured feathers to put it into my hair.
luckily everything stayed on perfectly.
the party was great -  i had so much fun with my friends and fellow students! there were some really great costumes, too. of course many pirates and sailors, some pimps, several Little Red Riding Hoods and different animals ( i liked the fox best ;) it had a long and bushy tail haha). music was a funny mix, too, with some 90ies revival songs that brought back awkward memories of my childhood.

it was great to take a little break from family life and take a nip at some liberty and frisky fun. i always loved the silent streets that were enlightened in street lights when the weather was clear  and calm and i was walking back home from a party night (but these times are looong long ago). and you can feel the people sleeping in their warm beds or some already have to get up to go to work, and feast in your memories of the last night and feel your youth and freedom while walking with clicking heels along the streets. once in a blue moon, i can live this memory again and i love it!
but now i love it just as much to come back again, to look at my sleeping child, with the soft sheen of the night light on his cheeks and a deep and steady breath, the eyes gently closed with these long lashes i adore, the lips pursed and some quiet smacks coming out from his mouth. this is a feeling you can't ever know until you experience it, the warmth and the love that is overwhelming you so that you just want to give him a big kiss on his cool and chubby cheeks even if you were overcautious of not waking him.
fortunately now he's "mature" enough to even wish me fun when i go out - the years ago i never did because it was too hard to leave him crying or saying he'd miss me too much... now it's much easier for both of us ;)

aside from my soul-strip i think it's fun to use this look to enter a contest by Martha (martha macht ... ) - with this make up i could enter two of 3 categories: "colourful" and "glitter", but the contest prize for the "glitter"-category seems more appealing to me :)
i love her blog - it's incredibly authentic and is not all about make up (even though i always marvel at her fairy-like eye make ups), she has the greatest humour and is one of my favourite "what-to-watch-on-youtube"-sources when it comes to non beauty related themes. Martha: 1000 thanks for the literal video version, the misheard lyrics - i'm just sayin' DU MACHST DEN KAKAO!, the future shorts!!!!!!! please keep delivering video-tips that make me ROFL!

so now the fotos for my contest entry ;)

i blended out the outer edges to my cheeks to make it melting into the hot pink blush

what i used:
first i've done the mask, then foundation, cheeks, then added the glitter and at last the lips. hairstyling was really easy: only a lotlotlot of backcombing and hairspray :D

masking tape to get the upper edge and the lower edge in the center of the face
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Strut as a base (used the essence blush brush for this as it was such a big area)
a bunch of blues, greens, yellows, pinks, black, silver ... i was all over the place hehe - from the 88 shimmer palette (i got mine from zoeva-shop.de)
i also had to add some colours by MAC to deepen the look as the colours in the palette had such a high pearl finish that it took away a lot of the darkness/dimension of the colours. i used: Grand Entrance, Sweet&Punchy, Deep Truth, Contrast.
tools: two of the Ebelin Professional highlighter brushes (that are discontinued now, those dorks!) and a Essence blush brush
also used Shu Uemura lash curlers with Maybelline Stretch&Define Waterproof + L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, but no pic.
foundation: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk + MAC Pro Longwear + BeautyBlender
Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre + Artdeco skunk brush

cheeks: MAC Harmony + MAC 138 for a dark and obvious contour, MAC Dollymix + Kryolan blush + MakeUpShow blush brush for an intense pink blush
NYX Taupe blush + Hakuhodo Kobutan Eye Shadow Brush L to contour the nose - as the mask would make it appear shorter, i wanted to contour the sides of my nose to avoid the pig-nose-look
MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder + MAC 131

then it was glitter time! i used Eylure Lashfix lash adhesive to stick on the glitters i bought in a craft shop, also a lot of MAC Reflects Transparent Teal
Manhattan Lips2Last longlasting lip colour in 44Q, i used MAC 231 brush for the outlines

that was it for the make up, here some details of the rest:

for my nails i used one coat of Chanel Paradoxal as a base and 2 coats of Orly Space Cadet over it.
earrings by H&M, ring by SIX i guess
my DIY hair clip: do you notice the writing on the tape on the roots of the feathers? haha, this was because i sticked on the teal coloured feathers last minute when i was at my friend's house, and didn't have anything else to fix it other than a tape, that was initially a seal of some glitter hair spray. it was dark anyway, so no one noticed the "shake well" instructions on it hahaha
shoes were by Tamaris i bought last summer 

my lip-clutch - isn't it cute? i found it at H&M.

i hope you liked it, and wish me luck for the contest! now i've tasted blood with this creative-make-up-thing, i can definitely figure to repeat it one day.


  1. wow sieht toll aus! Richtig kreativ, ich musste eher an so Fantasy Filme denken, wie Avatar oder so, als Superhelden Maske! Und rote Lippen stehen dir sehr, hast beneidenswerte Lippen!


  2. danke! ich hab mich als kind oft wegen meiner vollen lippen geschämt - jetzt bin ich froh über ihre fülle. sind auch praktisch für lippen-swatches ;)

  3. Sieht wirklich klasse aus, hab erst gedacht, ich hätte michverlaufen, weil man sonst den 'poished' look von dir gewöhnt ist.

    Muss auch sagen, dass mir dein 'Seelenstriptease' gut gefallen hat, hast eine schöne Schreibe und ein bisschen nachvollziehen konnte ich auch (ohne Kind).

    Top, mehr davon!

  4. dankeschön, alexens! dein kompliment bedeuted mir viel.


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