Feb 2, 2011

cheek stains

i have some cheek gels that were released (limited edition - sorry) last summer in the drugstore range.
with cheek stains, your own skin colour is an important factor of how the colour will look on you, please keep in mind ;)

Yves Rocher Watercolour effect blush

these two are by Yves Rocher and were in a watercolour-theme. i tried them first and was pretty impressed. while they aren't the easiest to handle, they give a beautiful effect.
this gel is very watery, so when you open the cap, you have to hold it upright to not spill any product. then i would give a little drop of this on my plate/bowl and use a small stippling brush to apply it stippling on in thin layers - this method is better than using fingers to blend because it won't mess up your foundation underneath. they won't get blotchy if you apply with a fast hand.
the scent is artificially sweet and fruity and it gives a very sheer wash of colour. but it is very buildable and will give you glowing cheeks if you concentrate it in the center of your application area. i find this effect very beautiful and lifting and always wear it alone - i don't tend to put a powder blush over top as i think it's not neccessary. the finish is without shimmers, but with a moisturized
i like to use this in the summer to get a natural skin-effect, as it feels so light and fresh. the lasting power is excellent. i also like to use these on my lips to get an "innocent" reddish lip.
each tube contains 7ml and cost something between 2-4€, i have seen it last weekend in the "sale"-bowl at Yves Rocher, so i think you can still get it if you're interested.

Coquelicot léger - a peachy coral

Corail nude - a peachy pink

MNY Liquid Blush

the next two are by MNY, each of these contain 14ml and were about 3€, i think. i forgot the name of the collection they came out with.
these are also gels, but they are much thicker than the Yves Rocher ones. as they contain more silicones, they are more blendable and i can use my fingers to apply, too. they also blend evenly and are buildable but already quite pigmented in one layer. the finish is a bit dryer than with the Yves Rocher stains, so i like to use a cream highlighter with these. staying power is also very good.

#111A looks like a bright fuchsia but blends to a soft pink (in one layer)

#112A is a apple red and blends to a coral stain

all in all i find these are a very good product if you want to try cheek stains - it mustn't always be high end, and with such "special" products (at least for me, as i don't use them on a daily basis), these drugstore stains are totally sufficient. i believe there will be some cheek stains released this spring/summer again, so keep your eyes peeled!

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