Feb 25, 2011

Lancôme Ombre Absolue in Erika F.

last week i finally got the legendary Erika F. eyeshadow by Lancôme (1.5g - about 25€) after it being such a long time on my imaginary wish list.
the packaging is a simple black compact with a mirror and a small sponge applicator. a rose, the signature flower of Lancôme is on the compact and also stamped into the eyeshadow. all in all it looks quite old school to me and confirms the more "mature" image i have of this brand.
this eyeshadow is a beautiful shimmery greenish silver, with a silky dark greyed green with tons and tons of white gold sparkles. the shimmer bits are really amazing. you have to see it in real life, my photos don't do it justice at all. they are like crystal sparkles. sadly this shimmer is the one ingredient that isn't approved by the FDA and so this eyeshadow is not available in the US (but in europe&asia) - which maybe is the main reason why it got that popular. you want things even more when you can't have them ;)
the texture of Erika F. is rather dry but still very smooth, although it has so much shimmers it isn't gritty at all. the blendability and lasting power is also good (although it states a staying power of 6 hours on the packaging - which is quite poor and nothing i would brag with ;) - with a good base you get a lot more than 6 hours with this. )
the great thing is that blending doesn't wipe the sparkles away, i think it's a fantastic colour for the evening that's not too dark or smokey but will grab all attention to your eyes.

Lancôme Erika F. in direct sunlight
Lancôme Erika F. in the shadow
Lancôme Erika F. in artificial light
this shade is really right up my alley - as you can see i have some that are just  like it. but no dupes, no other has such a shimmer like this. (in these pics you can see the shimmer of Erika F. better)

Chanel Ombres Perlées Palette - Lancôme Erika F. - MAC Smoke&Diamonds - Manhattan Green Effects Palette (Colour Meets Elegance LE)
green shade of Chanel Ombres Perlées Palette - Lancôme Erika F. - MAC Smoke&Diamonds - lower right shade of Manhattan Green Effects Palette (Colour Meets Elegance LE)

here is a quick look i did with this eyeshadow all over the lid - sorry no close-ups, i was too sunny to make fotos without  squinting. i used Benefit Skinny Jeans Creaseless Cream Shadow on the upper lid  to oomph it up a little bit. i like the cool silverish moss colour on my eye.


  1. soo pretty! looks wonderful on you!!! xx

  2. I love Erica F, it's one of my all time favourites.
    It suits you brilliantly and makes your eyes pop...Enjoy!
    Nina x

  3. I love the colour, & it looks quite similar to the Chanel Ombres which I already have!

  4. Steht dir super! Und danke für die Vergleichsswatches. Hätte nicht gedacht, dass es einen rein farblich ähnlichen von Manhattan gibt.

  5. erika f is really something special - now i can understand the hype.


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