Feb 11, 2011

foundation overview #5: Chanel Pro Lumière.

Chanel Pro Lumière foundation (30ml - 43.50€).
i have it in #20 Clair (the lightest shade in germany. and it is a little too dark/peachy on my MAC NC20-25 skin. shame on you, Chanel!).
because of all the hype about this foundation in the beauty-world i was intrigued to buy it about 1 year ago. sadly, it didn't fulfill my expectations. it claims to give you an even luminosity under every light conditions and everything else a foundation claims (smooth texture, very blendable, lightweight feeling, adaptable coverage, blablabla).
and all of that is true, it's very blendable and has a quite high coverage and i have to say, it gives me the BEST finish of all my foundations. but only freshly applied - you know, how some foundations have to "grow" on you during the day, melt with you natural oils to look beautiful. this just looks stunning already right after application (whatever tool i use), gives me an even, almost poreless dewy skin.
but that only lasts for the first 2-3 hours. meh. in the third hour it starts to look greasy, and then the finish gets worse exponentially. at the end of the day i have some blotches of foundation residues on my face, and almost nothing on my cleansing wipe :/
with an oily skin, i can't ever wear it on its own,  i always have to mix it with a long wearing foundation. but if you have dry/normal skin, Pro Lumière could be lovely for you.

a drop of: Chanel Pro Lumière in 20 Clair - MAC Pro Longwear in NC20
right after blending out
after 10 minutes: no oxidation, and you can see the dewy-ness is still there.


  1. könntest du vielleicht mal etwas über Deine Hautpflege schreiben? Würde mich sehr interessieren ...

    LG Katja


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