Feb 14, 2011

NARS Kalahari - and dupes?

NARS Kalahari eyeshadow duo (4g - 34€/23.50£/33$) is in the permanent range of NARS, the duo contains a frosty golden bronze with a pinkish hue and a shimmery warm medium brown. the texture of the lighter colour is a little bit dryer than of the darker tone which is really smooth and almost creamy. both shades are highly pigmented, no fall outs. they blend together beautifully for a warm daytime look, but each can be worn on it's own or even as a crease/outer corner shade in combination with a lighter colour.
the lasting power is as always very good, i never have a problem with fading or creasing with NARS eyeshadows.
i ordered this duo on asos.com (yay! free delivery) and received it within 5 days.

in natural light - in artificial light

i have tried to swatch the duo against similar shades in my collection:

MAC Woodwinked - MAC Patina - Artdeco #208 - NARS Kalahari - MAC Sable - MAC Satin Taupe
MAC Woodwinked - MAC Patina - Artdeco #208 - NARS Kalahari - MAC Sable - MAC Satin Taupe

so no dupes in this row :( but when i've put back the eyeshadows and swatched around a little bit, two other shades caught my eye that look much closer:

Artdeco #16 - NARS Kalahari - Artdeco #14
Artdeco #16 - NARS Kalahari - Artdeco #14


  1. Wow, die sehen sich echt verdammt ähnlich! Ich freue mich auf ein AMU mit dem Duo!


  2. ja, bei 9.60€ für die beiden artdeco-e/s versus 34€ für das duo find ich die bezeichnung "dupe" hier sehr angemessen.
    ich hatte es schon mehrfach getragen, bin nur nicht dazu gekommen, es anständig fotografisch festzuhalten :) aber fotd mit nars kommt bald, definitiv!

  3. I just picked this up the other day and I love how natural and pretty this palette is for everyday.

    1. i'm glad you like it! it's definitely one of my favourite NARS Duos, super wearable but still super pretty! have fun with it!


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