Apr 12, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon eyeshadow

i was sent this eyeshadow from Rouge Bunny Rouge to review.
Solstice Halcyon is from their "When Birds Are Singing..." range, i wanted to get it for a long time since it's described as a medium taupe. it contains 2.4g and costs 26€ on zuneta.com and 21.75€ on QVC.
the packaging is cute as always, a sleek black compact with a white floral print and a little mirror inside.
the texture is smooth like butter, almost creamy and very pigmented. it's a medium plummy/mauvey brown with a satin finish and fine pearly shimmer. on the lid, it's not shimmery but has a velvety luminous sheen. in the pan it looks quite warm but this doesn't transfer on my yellowish skin. it blends out very well and is a perfect base shade for neutral looks as well as a colour that works great on it's own. just like the other eyeshadows from this brand, Solstice Halcyon stays on my eyes all day long without creasing or fading. i like to pair it with dark browns or brighter colours like blue or green for the spring/summer season. it could be used as a crease colour for a soft look in combination with champagner shades, too.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon in natural light - in the shadow

here are some comparison swatches with other medium taupes in my collection. they look oh so similar when you see them first but still are so different at the second look and also swatch different. the closest in colour would be NARS Ashes To Ashes, but ATA has a shimmery finish and is a bit lighter in real live.

NARS Ashes To Ashes - NARS Cairo - Wet N'Wild Trio - RBR Solstice Halcyon - RBR Atlas Swallowtail - RBR A Major/fis Minor - Chanel Safari
NARS Ashes To Ashes - NARS Cairo - Wet N'Wild Trio - RBR Solstice Halcyon - RBR Atlas Swallowtail - RBR A Major/fis Minor - Chanel Safari
NARS Ashes To Ashes - NARS Cairo - Wet N'Wild Trio - RBR Solstice Halcyon - RBR Atlas Swallowtail - RBR A Major/fis Minor - Chanel Safari

this is how it looks applied:

with mascara only

combined with MAC Sweet&Punchy in the inner corner and MAC Smut in the outer third of the lid.

i already own a few of the eyeshadows by Rouge Bunny Rouge (Mysterious Tinamou, Delicate Hummingbird, Abyssinian Catbird, A Major - fis Minor duo) and am amazed with their quality. i want to buy the green one soon and also a loose eyeshadow and the crease brush, so stay tuned for more RBR reviews ;)

FYI: this product was sent to me for review purposes by Rouge Bunny Rouge (Thank you!). i got it for free and without any conditions, it's my honest opinion about the product and i'm not affiliated with the brand.


  1. It looks lovely & it's great to hear you are so convinced by the quality. I really regret RBR's withdrawal from Douglas!
    As with Dianne Brill I never got particularly excited about the products at the counters really.. but they do get a lot of good reviews now. And while my only Dianne Brill e/s, Mermaid's Lace, was a miss, I do like RBR Fire-tailed Sunbird which I am also wearing today.
    It is confusing to me that both brands apparently only start to make themselves known more just after they left the stores. Hmh.
    But then I guess, ordering online from abroad is cheaper than German prices anyway! ^^

  2. This looks lovely! I really want to try their products, they sound so nice and your swatches are so clear! Not sure what I should try first though? Should I try a blush or lipstick? x

  3. @2espresso: i'm sad that i couldn't get to try any dianne brill products when they were discounted. we never had it in our douglas stores and i only bought 1 lipgloss at b4f when they were sold (btw - where is it???). i really want to try some eyeshadows - especially metallic lace - but those offered at b4f-sales don't fit in my prey-pattern.

    @sherrie: thank you! as i'm a blush-girl and not a big lip-person, i would recommend you to get a blusher. but of course you have to choose on your preferences ;)


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