Apr 11, 2011

Cargo Blush in Rome

this is the other Cargo blush from my beautybay.com order.
Cargo blushes contain 8.9g and cost about 18€ on beautybay. they come in a metal tin box.
i chose the shade Rome, a warm coral with golden shimmers. it's rather highly pigmented and has a fine and soft texture. the shimmers really remind me of NARS Orgasm blush, only softer, and the base shade is different. it looks very multidimensional and complex. applied with a soft fluffly brush it's a sheer (but very buildable!) coral pink with a soft gold glow. it goes on evenly and blends out easily without any blotches. i didn't experienced it fading throughout the day. it gives my cheeks a summery glow like in the late sun - very nice. i think this blush looks best on warm medium to deep skin tones. i heard some voices say it's comparable to NARS Torrid blush, but as i don't own Torrid, i can't verify.

Cargo Rome in sunlight: swatched heavily + blended out

this is how it looks worn (no eye make up on here):

compared to my other coral-y blushes:
MAC Marine Life (coral part) - Cargo Rome - NARS Orgasm - MAC Stereo Rose MSF - NARS Gilda
MAC Marine Life (coral part) - Cargo Rome - NARS Orgasm - MAC Stereo Rose MSF - NARS Gilda
 MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder (coral part) is brighter and has red+white but no golden shimmer.
NARS Orgasm has a lighter pink base colour.
MAC Stereo Rose MSF is a peach with pink iridescence.
NARS Gilda is a warmer coral, and matte.


  1. Keto!!
    This is so super great!! I was browsing through the net for a warm blush and stumbled upon some raves over Cargo's blushes and remembered that you love them too. I couldn't find many "good-lighted" FOTDs on nc35 skins so I couldn't really decide which to get. You are lighter skinned then I am but it's still great that you're reviewing them!
    Do you have some more Cargo blushes other than the 3 you've reviewed? I'd love to see all of them!


  2. hi momma! i'd love to get more of them, but at the moment i only have these three ;)

  3. Aaahh,...still, thanks for sharing!: )


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