Apr 23, 2011

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in BE 206 Soft Beam Gold

i bought this Luminizing Satin Face Color blush by Shiseido in the shade BE 206 Soft Beam Gold after hearing some good opinions about it, i wanted to try Shiseido blushes for a long time. it was intended to be used as highlighter. there is also a white shade, High Beam White, but i chose the gold one (sight unseen) because i was afraid the white one could be too cool for my colouring or would be something similar to NARS Albatross (which i'm not fond of). i ordered it on douglas.de, again with a 5€-off-coupon.
it contains 6.5g and costs 36.95€.

it's in a sleek and simple black packaging without a velvet pouch. it has a big mirror inside and includes a very nice little soft brush of natural hair.
the powder itself is of a dark warm gold colour, it even reminds me of yellow curry or mustard. it has no visible shimmer on the surface, so nothing for you if you're on the hunt for an intense highlight powder. swatching it it's incredibly finely milled and applies very silky, i have always thought much of Shiseido textures and was never disappointed. it's not shimmery at all but has such a fine natural sheen, it's different from all my other highlighting products. the sheen is so refined and subtle that you could easily use this powder on bigger areas than your normal highlight or even all over the face as a finishing powder for a polished look, before blush. it makes my skin feel velvety and soft. it doesn't have a distinct scent, maybe a very light fresh herbal scent, but maybe i'm wrong.
sadly the colour still is too deep for me, it will give some colour to my cheeks - and i don't really like the colour it creates... it would look great on deeper skin tones if the colour melts in with your complexion. i think nc30+ girls would love this, it's an excellent product. i'm looking forward to use it in the summer when i'm tanned.

Shiseido Soft Beam Gold in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out

and this is how it looks applied, i used it on the top of my cheekbones.


  1. Ich hab das Puder in weiß und finds wirklich sehr schön! Allerdings muss ich es erst noch etwas besser testen :)

  2. würdest du den weißen puder vom effekt her mit albatross oder high beam gleichsetzen? wenn nicht könnt' ich's mir auch noch mal überlegen... ;)

  3. Genau dieser wurde in Graz für 18 Euro abverkauft ... finde ihn einen sehr schönen dezenten Highlighter. Kann mir auch vorstellen ihn als Lidschatten zu missbrauchen :)


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